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Craig Bellamy: Cardiff City Press Conference

Craig Bellamy: Cardiff City Press Conference on the ITV Wales blog

Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy, centre, at training with Cardiff City manager Dave Jones, right, and team-mate Jason Koumas, left.

ITV Wales Tim Hart is heading down to the Cardiff City Stadium to report on this afternoon’s press conference about the Bluebirds latest signing – Wales Captain, Craig Bellamy.

17 August – 16:28: Right that’s it. Press conference over. Heading back to newsroom.

17 August – 16:27: Bellamy will be unveiled to the fans in due course. Watch ITV 1 Wales and itv.com/Wales for the latest.

17 August – 16:23: Dave Jones: “signing players like Bellamy and Jason Koumas shows we want Cardiff in the Premier League.”

17 August – 16:18: Bellamy: “I set out at the start of my career to come and play for Cardiff City.”

17 August – 16:16: CEO Jenkins says Motherwell issue will be dealt with in next 7 days. Lawyers are talking right now.

17 August – 16:09: Dave Jones: Cardiff have been talking to Bellamy for 2 months about the move.

17 August – 16:07: Bellamy; “I will always be in debt to Man City in making this possible. It’s a very happy time for me.”

17 August – 16:05: Bellamy confirms he has not had a cut in wages. Suggests Man City are covering the cost.

17 August – 16:05: Bellamy: “I’m here to get my hometown club into the Premier League and to reward my family.”

Craig Bellamy: "I have no ill feeling with Roberto Mancini"

17 August – 16:03: Craig Bellamy: “I have no ill feeling with Roberto Mancini”

17 August – 15:54: Apparently the delay is due to so many fans arriving at the ground that the club are putting them in the stadium.

17 August – 15:42: Everyone is literally hot under the collar.

17 August – 15:38: Got to admit the water is needed. But only Bellamy is truly going to quench the thirst. Any minute now.

17 August – 15:37: And now there’s bottles of water being put on the table. People can’t take the heat!

17 August – 15:34: Craig Bellamy was at the door and then was pulled away. A minute later a man comes in with a fan.

17 August – 15:32: ITV Wales’ Rob King equates this moment with Tony Blair becoming PM. Is it that momentous?

17 August – 15:29: It’s gone very quiet all of a sudden.

17 August – 15:18: Excitement gathers as the clock nears 3:30. It’s literally heating up under all the lights in here.

ITV Wales Tim Hart is at the Cardiff City press conference

17 August – 15:11: All the press have gathered in the press room.

Press have gathered for Bellamy unveiling

17 August – 15:07: Fans are ecstatic saying Craig Bellamy is the right man to take Cardiff City to the Premier League.

17 August – 15:04: Craig Bellamy has arrived at the ground. Chants of Craig Bellamy starting. Its exciting times.

17 August – 14:57: Hundreds outside Cardiff City Stadium just hoping to catch a glimpse of Craig Bellamy.

Hundreds of Cardiff City fans arrive at the stadium to welcome Bellamy 'home'

17 August – 14:24: Wales News pictures show Bellamy training with Cardiff City

17 August – 14:14: I’m off to the Cardiff City press conference where they’ll be unveiling Craig Bellamy. Cardiff’s biggest ever signing?

17 August – 13:54: Rob King takes a look at what Cardiff City’s latest signing means for the club.

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