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Ryder Cup 2010: as it happened

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Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder CupRyder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder CupBy Tim Hart

Published: 8am BST 29 Sept 2010

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RESULT: Europe 14.5 USA 13.5

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, USA, Europe, Wales, golf,

Colin Montgomerie says captaining Europe to a Ryder Cup victory is the greatest achievement in his golfing career.

Fourth session Singles – Europe 5 USA 7

L Westwood v S Stricker USA won 2&1

R McIlroy v S Cink halved

L Donald J Furyk Europe won 1up

M Kaymer v D Johnson USA won 6&4

I Poulter v M Kuchar Europe won 5&4

R Fisher v J Overton USA won 3&2

M Jiminez v B Watson Europe won 4&3

F Molinari v T Woods USA won 4&3

E Molinari v R Fowler Halved

P Hanson v P Mickelson USA won 4&2

P Harrington v Z Johnson USA won 3&2

G McDowell v H Mahan Europe won 2&1


Third session – Europe 5.5 USA 0.5


L Donald/L Westwood v T Woods/S Stricker Europe won 6&5

G McDowell/R McIlroy v Z Johnson/H Mahan Europe won 3&1


P Harrington/R Fisher v J Furyk/D Johnson Europe won 2&1

P Hanson/M Jiminez v B Watson/J Overton Europe won 2up

E Molinari/F Molinari v S Cink/M Kuchar Halved

I Poulter/M Kaymer v P Mickelson/R Fowler Europe won 2&1

Second session Foursomes – Europe 2.5 USA 3.5

M Jiminez/P Hanson v T Woods/S Stricker USA won 4&3

E Molinari/F Molinari v Z Johnson/H Mahan USA won 2up

L Westwood/M Kaymer v J Furyk/R Fowler Halved

P Harrington/R Fisher v P Mickelson/D Johnson Europe won 3&2

I Poulter/L Donald v B Watson v J Overton Europe won 2&1

G McDowell/R McIlroy v S Cink/M Kuchar USA won 2up

First session Fourballs – Europe 1.5 USA 1.5

L Westwood/M Kaymer v P Mickelson/D Johnson – Europe won 3&2

R McIlroy/ G McDowell v S Cink/M Kuchar – Halved

I Poulter/R Fisher v S Stricker/T Woods – USA won 2up

L Donald/P Harrington v B Watson/J Overton- USA won 3&2


Monday, 4 October

6.35pm: What a tournament this has been. The scenes at Celtic Manor today have been magnificent. This is the first time I have ever felt like a European. And it is now just two years until the next Ryder Cup, which is being held at the Medinah Country Club, just outside of Chicago.

6.30pm: Ian Poulter: “This is a special day for European golf, to put on a display in Wales, with this many fans is just truly unbelievable. Seve (Ballesteros) is at home watching this, and he can’t be with us right now, but every player out there today has watched what he is for European Tour golf. This means everything to him, and we have played from the heart today. And do you know what, we brought this trophy back. This is a special day.”

6.26pm: McDowell: “I didn’t want it to come down to me, that’s for sure. I was imagining losing and I was imagining winning in the same breath. There was a lot of negativity in my head. I can safely say that I’ve never felt that nervous on a golf course in my life before.”

5.46pm: Ian Poulter on Twitter Colin Montgomerie on stage at the closing ceremony lifting the Ryder Cup.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, golf, Newport, Wales, USA, Europe

5.43pm: Paul Azinger on Twitter “Anyone that suggests this loss (for USA) somehow falls on Hunter Mahan should never take an IQ test!”

5.17pm: Colin Montgomerie: “This is the greatest achievement in my golfing career.”

5.15pm Colin Montgomerie: “The world was watching and Wales delivered. We thank every fan this week for their fairness and their appreciation of the game.”

4.10pm: Colin Montgomerie arrives at the balcony to a clamorous applause from the crowd.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Golf, Wales

4.01pm: The Europe team celebrate on the clubhouse balcony.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Wales, Celtic Manor, Newport, golf, USA, Europe

3.29pm: Wonderful scenes at the 18th hole here.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Europe, Golf, Newport, Wales, USA

3.23pm: Graeme McDowell has been mobbed by his team-mates the crowds can be heard for miles around.

3.22pm: Hunter Mahan has conceded and the Ryder Cup is Europe’s once more!
3.19pm: Hunter Mahan has succumbed to the pressure and fluffed his shot. The pressure has got to him. Can McDowell stand up and be counted?

3.17pm: The official attendance for today is 35,000 but it feels like the whole of Wales is here today.

3.12pm: Graeme McDowell has got nerves of steel! He has gone 2up with two to go. Just one more hole to win the Ryder Cup for Europe.

3.09pm: It’s gone down to the final match and McDowell has to win his match. A half point will not be good enough as the match will be tied meaning USA would retain the Ryder Cup.

3.06pm: It’s now Europe 13.5 USA 13.5 Fowler has somehow got a half point against E Molinari and Z Johnson has won 3&2 against Harrington

3.01pm: Will Carling on Twitter “Got to hand it to these Yankiedoodles – they is fightin for every last inch.”

2.59pm: In the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, this is squeaky bum time. There’s no margin for error on either side.

2.56pm: In Padraig Harrington’s match he has won back to back holes to cut Zach Johnson’s lead to 3up with three remaining.

2.55pm: Hunter Mahan has birdied and Graeme McDowell’s lead is now just 1up with three holes to go.

2.47pm: Edoardo Molinari’s tee shot on the 18th is met by a huge roar from the crowd. All he has to do is half this hole to beat Ricky Fowler.

2.44pm: Phil Mickelson has won his match against Peter Hanson 4&2. The score is Europe 13 USA 12 and Ricky Fowler has cut Edoardo Molinari’s lead to 1up with one hole to go.

2.42pm: Rory McIlroy on American Stewart Cink: “I’ve had three great matches with Stewart this week, and I thought today we both played very, very well. A half is probably what we both deserved.”

2.41pm: Rory McIlroy on the Ryder Cup: “It’s great, it’s fantastic. I wouldn’t have said this a year ago but this is the best event in golf, by far.”

2.39pm: What a tee shot by Edoardo Molinari. He just needs one more half to win the match but Ricky Fowler isn’t giving up.

2.35pm: Ricky Fowler has won the 16th against E Molinari. It mean’s Molinari is now just 2up with two remaining. This is so close!

2.32pm: Cheers erupt Graeme McDowell sinks a tricky par putt. Mahan also pars meaning McDowell stays 2up through 14.

2.24pm: Zach Johnson misses a chance to win his match against Padraig Harrington who has cut the American’s lead to four with four remaining. Harrington cannot win but he can still get a half point.

2.22pm: Edoardo Molinari had a chance to win his match against Ricky Fowler but he missed it . It does mean, though, he has guaranteed a half point for Europe meaning they need just one more point.

2.15pm: Tiger Woods birdies to make it Europe 13 USA 11 as he beats Francesco Molinari 4&3.

2.12pm: Surprise, surprise. Ross Fisher has lost 3&2 to Jeff Overton. Could have said that 20 minutes ago. It’s now Europe 13 USA 10

2.10pm: Hunter Mahen has reduced McDowell’s lead to two. If the scores stay the same it could go down to the final 17th or even 18th hole. This is excruciating.

2.06pm: Miguel Angel Jiminez has won his match. Europe 13 USA 9. Magnificent. This is probably the Spaniard’s last Ryder Cup and he’s taken Europe 1 step closer.

1.54pm: Well I never, Tiger Woods has just smiled. Either he’s happy he’s 4up in his match or he’s pleased the Ryder Cup is almost over. It could well be both.

1.46pm: I think we should just give up on the Fisher v Overton match. From the 15th tee the only thing Fisher can find is the River Usk.

1.44pm: When Tiger Woods is in form there is no stopping him. Another birdie on the 13th means he is 4up against Francesco Molinari.

1.43pm: Ian Poulter on his match: “That was massive. Looking at the board now all that middle section is blue. I knew I had to come out and win.”

1.42pm: Jason Sobel on Twitter “This is all going to come down to the final match. Hunter Mahan vs. Graeme McDowell. Fate of the Ryder Cup rests with those two players.”

1.42pm: Jeff Overton has gone from 2down through nine to lead Ross Fisher 2up through 14. Fisher missed an easy putt to concede the 14th.

1.39pm: Former USA Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger on Twitter “Luke Donald is better than I thought! Took majors kahunas to make the putts he made today!”

1.31pm: Luke Donald has made it 12-9 to Europe after he halved the 18th to beat Jim Furyk 1up.

1.23pm: McIlroy the boy has just become a man. Nerveless putt which will calm the European team

1.22pm: Former USA Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger on Twitter “Rory Mcilroy will win majors!! Gutsy putt to half match.”

1.22pm: Cink has missed! McIlroy now putts for a half point. AND HE’S DONE IT. Europe 11 USA 9. Just 3.5 points to go.

1.20pm: But a great shot by McIlroy from the bunker and he’s now 4.5 foot from the pin but Cink has a 10 footer for the match.

1.18pm: Cink has the initiative against McIlroy on the 18th with the Northern Irishman in the bunker. It should go Europe 10.5 USA 9.5.

1.17pm: I just performed the commentator’s curse on McDowell who’s now just 2up.

1.14pm: Graeme McDowell is consistently strong winning 3up after seven against Hunter Mahan.

1.13pm: What’s happened Francesco? He was 2up against Woods at one stage but the world no. 1 has reversed the score and he is now 2up.

1.12pm: Luke Donald misses a chance to win his match against Furyk, which now goes down to the 18th.
13.04pm: Jiminez has now gone 3up in his match against Bubba Watson. Full steam ahead Europe!

1.02pm: Ian Poulter has won his match. It’s all happening here. Poulter beats Kuchar 5&4. It’s now Europe 10.5 USA 8.5. The magic number for Europe is 14.5.

12.53pm: It’s now Europe 9.5 USA 8.5. Dustin Johnson has beaten Martin Kaymer 6&5. Quite a comprehensive result. The crowds are getting nervous.

12.50pm: Steve Stricker has got the first point of the day as he beats Lee Westwood to make the overall score Europe 9.5 USA 7,5

12.35pm: Jazz Carlin has won a silver medal for Wales in the 200m swimming at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. For full details read our reporter Dean Thomas’ live blog.

12.26pm: USA have started to muscle themselves back into it. Dustin Johnson has gone 4up over Martin Kaymer. Poulter, though, has eagled the 11th to go 4up with seven holes to play.

12.24pm: Ross Fisher has gone back to 2up over Jeff Overton.

12.22pm: Phil Mickelson has been dominate in his match leading 4up at one stage but Peter Hanson has one back-to-back holes to half the lead.

12.21pm: Steve Stricker is now 2up over Westwood after sinking an eagle.

12.14pm: Big putt by Ian Poulter and he now goes 3up on Matt Kuchar.

12.07pm: Simply stunning by Luke Donald, he keeps Furyk firmly in his place and stays 2up.

12.06pm: Cink has gone 1up over McIlroy with five holes remaining and the Americans are leading three of the top four matches. How things change.

12pm: High noon. The sun is out today, who says we can’t have sunny weather during October in Wales.

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, golf, Newport, Wales, golf, Celtic Manor

11.56am: Yep, there we go. Stricker has gone 1up. It doesn’t take long for things to change. And as soon as I write that McIlroy birdies the 11th to pull level with Cink.

11.51am: There are splashes of red appearing on that leaderboard and it could become even more as Stricker’s conservative style is proving effective against Westwood. It’s now all square and Stricker has a chance to go 1up.

11.47am: Poor old Ricky Fowler, has he ever watched Eastenders? He’s getting so many people shrieking “Ricky” and there are renditions of “Where’s Bianca gone, where’s Bianca gone?” It’s a great atmosphere here.

11.43am: Tiger Woods is looking like he doesn’t want to be here. The fans, though, are loving it. On the first tee one fan shouted “how many birdies are you going to get today Tiger?” The less said about that the better.

11.40am: We’re back online here, right where are we? Well Europe are winning eight of the matches wit USA up in the other four.

10.32am: I’m sitting opposite Montgomerie. He looks relaxed considering. Waiting for Woods and Molinari.Sitting opposite Montgomerie. He looks relaxed considering. Waiting for Woods and Francesco Molinari.

10.30am: I’m sitting in the grandstand on the first tee. The atmosphere is electric. Respect for all players. There’s even a chant for Happy Gilmore. Brilliant.

9.44am: European fans watching McIlroy v Cink: “He’s got more hair than you, he’s got more hair than you”. Harsh on Cink but he responds well by taking his cap off to reveal his bald head and takes a bow.

9.42am: Organisers were discussing the possibility of play being suspended at the first tee and it suddenly went very quiet. Then a solitary voice says “I can’t get Tuesday off as well” and the crowd roars in laughter. It’s all good natured here.

9.39am: The sun is starting to burn through and I’ve been reliably informed that the mist will not affect play. Panic over. The weather will not have the final word today

9.30am: Advantage Europe! Rory McIlroy wins the first hole of the day to go 1up against Stewart Cink.

9.20am: The mist is still really heavy yet they continue to play. I’m told the mist should clear as it starts to warm up but at the moment I can see my breath. Freezing.

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, golf, Newport, Wales,

9.06am: Westwood’s tee flies down the fairway and the man from Worksop rides on the crescendo of noIse to make his second shot.

9.05am: Fans chant “Europe, Europe, Europe, Europe” they must have been up all night thinking up that one.

9.03am: A massive cheer for Lee Westwood as he steps on to the first tee. His mum, watching on, can’t hold back the tears.

9.01am: The mist is really heavy. I’m amazed they’ve actually started play. They must be that desperate to finish the play.

9am: Who said the crowds would not make a difference today? The roar around Celtic Manor is deafening.

8.05am: And just to make it clear; Europe have a three point lead and all they need is another five more points to regain the Ryder Cup and banish the disappointment of Valhalla.

8am: The sun is out, it’s a crisp, beautiful morning. In just under an hour’s time Lee Westwood and Steve Stricker will tee off the first of the 12 singles matches.

8.05am: And just to make it clear; Europe have a three point lead and all they need is another five more points to regain the Ryder Cup and banish the disappointment of Valhalla.

8am: The sun is out, it’s a crisp, beautiful morning. In just under an hour’s time Lee Westwood and Steve Stricker will tee off the first of the 12 singles matches.

Sunday, 3 October

7.30pm: The singles matches for tomorrow have been confirmed:

0905: L Westwood v S Stricker; 0917: R McIlroy v S Cink; 0929: L Donald v J Furyk; 0941: M Kaymer v D Johnson;

0953: I Poulter v M Kuchar; 1005: R Fisher v J Overton; 1017: M Jimenez v B Watson; 1029: F Molinari v T Woods;

1041: E Molinari v R Fowler; 1053: P Hanson v P Mickelson; 1105: P Harrington v Z Johnson; 1117: G McDowell v H Mahan

6.48pm: Ian Poulter on Twitter “Now that’s what u call a special day for European golf, everybody was playing from pure heart and pure passion. A hard day 2morrow. Awesome.”

6.41pm: Europe have a three point lead but with 12 points to play for tomorrow anything could happen. There could well be a memorable moment on the 18th green. It can be like an amphitheatre when there is a full crowd there. This video doesn’t do it justice but you can imagine what it could be like.

6.38pm: Oliver Wilson on Twitter “Great session by the boys today, brilliant stuff. Pleased for Francesco too, ballsy finish. Set up very nicely for tomorrow.”

6.27pm: Many people fear crowds like these will not be here tomorrow because of the ticketing rules.

6.26pm: Just heard the organisers reconfirming only people with tickets for today and season ticket holders will be allowed in for tomorrow’s singles matches. There are fears there will only be 20,000 people tomorrow but I’m guessing there will be a lot of people calling in sick!

6.20pm: Some more dressing up at the Ryder Cup. I’m just loving the sideburns and the long socks are a very nice touch.

6.02pm: Former USA Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger on Twitter: “Colin confirms what was very clear when format change made on Friday. Big advantage to Europe and they took advantage of it!”

5.54pm: I’ve got another short video for you. Fans do enjoy dressing up for the Ryder Cup and these two are no different. Whoever said golf was a game for the aristocracy? http://bit.ly/9VJhtM

5.52pm: Europe have simply been magnificent today. Colin Montgomerie’s rallying call yesterday made the difference with his players dominating throughout today. Bring on the 12 single matches tomorrow.

5.49pm: Francesco Molinari birdies to gain a half point in his match. Europe finish the day with five wins and one half. The overall score going overnight is Europe 9.5 USA 6.5. Wonderful stuff.

5.43pm: Francesco Molinari has just hit a magnificent shot to give him and his brother a chance to salvage half a point from their match against Cink and Kuchar.

5.41pm: The Americans have conceded and that means Ian Poulter and Martin Kaymer have won 2&1 to make it five wins out of five for Europe.

5.31pm: Jeff Overton misses his putt which means Miguel Angel Jiminez and Peter Hanson have won their match to make it four wins out of four and Europe 8 USA 6.

5.21pm: Edoardo Molinari rolls in his par putt on the 17th but Francesco misses the chance to make it all square. Cink and Kuchar are 1up going on to the 18th.

5.16pm: Rory McIlroy said: “We had a job to do going down the last yesterday, and we needed a good tee shot on the last and needed a win on that hole to get something out of the match. We were not able to do that. Today felt great. To get that first win under my belt in the Ryder Cup is fantastic, and to do it alongside this guy (McDowell) is even more special.”

5.13pm: I’m looking at the scoreboard and it’s all blue but one match. It’s not looking great for the red of America. The same can be said for the red of Liverpool who have lost 2-1 to Blackpool in the Premier League. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

5.09pm: Padraig Harrington on his partner Ross Fisher: “I think quality-wise. Ross played the best golf anybody’s seen at the Ryder Cup. The support was unbelievable. Every time I looked up or smiled I got a cheer.”

5.08pm: Stewart Cink and Matt Kuchar go 1up against the Molinaris after Francesco and Edoardo both hit bogies.

5.05pm: Jiminez misses a birdie chance to win his match but he and Peter Hanson are 1up with just the 18th to go against Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton.

5.04pm: Ian Poulter birdies to put himself and Martin Kaymer 2up against Phil Mickelson and Ricky Fowler with three remaining.

5.01pm: The sun is shining and all is well with the world. Hopefully it will be the same this time tomorrow!

4.56pm: Graeme McDowell on his and Rory McIlroy’s win in the foursomes: “Out here this is just pure drama, the fans have been fantastic. It’s been great to play with one of my best friends, it’s a real honour to play with this man,” added this year’s U.S. Open champion.”

4.50pm: Miguel Angel Jiminez just hit a beautiful putt, still puffing on the big fat cigar & Jeff Overton misses to spark another cheer. Jiminez & Hanson are 1up with two to go. The fans are going crazy.

4.46pm: Europe are winning. Ross Fisher has birdied on the 17th to win his match which means it’s Europe 7 USA 6.

4.42pm: The Molinaris are back all square. The Italian support is fantastic. I’ve just heard Chelsea have gone 1-0 up against Arsenal too. Suddenly everything is turning a shade of blue in the world of sport.

4.35pm: Ian Poulter and Martin Kaymer have parred the 14th and that’s enough to go 1up.

4.27pm: I’ve been having broadband issues but back online now. The US are getting closer and close.

4.03pm: Former USA captain Paul Azinger on Twitter “Ryder Cup is the games richest players playing for free. Reactions are spontaneous and patriotic. Euros pumping up the crowd is appropriate.”

4pm: Phil Mickelson and Ricky Fowler have pulled level in their match against Ian Poulter and Martin Kaymer. The momentum seems to be back with the US.

3.56pm: Lee Westwood on beating Tiger Woods for the sixth time out of seven in paired matches in the Ryder Cup: “I’ve had good partners. That certainly has a lot to do with it and you know when you’re playing Tiger you just seem to up your game a little bit. I suppose he’s got nothing to win, apart from the point, but he’s got a big reputation and it seems like you go out with nothing to lose.”

3.54pm: Luke Donald on his and Westwood’s 6&5 win over Woods and Stricker: “It feels great. We thought they were going to come out strong and we needed to come out stronger. That putt Westy holed on 10 was just magnificent — I can’t even put it into words. It was just amazing to see that go in and to go five up just gave us a huge boost.”

3.51pm: Matt Kuchar has just hit a wondrous birdie to put him and Stewart Cink 1up against the Molinaris.

3.48pm: Cheers erupt on the 14th with Dustin Johnson missing his put which puts Harrington and Fisher 2up with four to go.

3.42pm: USA captain Corey Pavin trying to be philosophical after Woods and Stricker lose to Westwood and Donald: “They didn’t play as well as they wanted to, and the other guys played well. It happens. It happens to the best of ’em.”

3.38pm: It’s looking great for Europe at the moment. They have one both of the foursomes, 1up in three of the fourballs and all square in the other. Projected score: Europe 9.5 USA 6.5

3.36pm: McIlroy and McDowell have won their match and that means it’s Europe 6 USA 6. McIlroy was nerveless with that putt!

3.30pm: Elsewhere, in Delhi they are having the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony and our reporter Dean Thomas is there…

commonwealth games

3.28pm: Somehow Ricky Fowler has hit an eagle at the 11th so Ian Poulter and Martin Kaymer are now just 1up.

3.26pm: Back to back birdies by Zach Johnson and Hunter Mahan means McIlroy and McDowell are now 2up with two remaining.

3.13pm: Edoardo Molinari birdies to half the 11th. The Molinaris are really pumped up for this and it will be a travesty if they don’t get at least a point.

3.11pm: McIlroy and McDowell have guaranteed a half point as they are 3up with three to play. It is really heating up and should be a great final couple of hours.

3.05pm: And here is the sun finally breaking through…

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Golf, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

3pm: There is a rainbow arching over the course and I can feel the sun on my back.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Golf, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

2.54pm: The US are back on the march it seems as Matt Kuchar birdies to make it all square in his match with Cink against the Molinaris.

2.52pm: Well Phil Mickelson, nice of you to finally join us today. He birdies on the ninth and Kaymer fails to match him so USA cut Europe’s lead to 2up.

2.39pm: The Molinari brothers are still leading Stewart Cink and Matt Kuchar. It’s proving to be an entertaining game.

2.20pm: It’s quite remarkable, Europe have already won one match and are leading the other five. Montgomerie has a smile as wide as the Amazon River. Lee Westwood and Luke Donald have beaten Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker 5&6 to make the overall score Europe 5 USA 6.

2.18pm: There were only chicken and mushroom pies left! Oh well, it will do. What have I missed?

1.57pm: Crazy, I know, but I’m off for lunch. If I don’t go now I never will . Hopefully Europe will be doing just as well when I get back.

1.52pm: Westwood and Donald are now 6up with 7 holes remaining against Stricker and Woods!

1.35pm: What a shot by Lee Westwood. The noise is deafening. Westwood’s birdie means he and Luke Donald are 5up after 10 against Woods and Stricker.

1.32pm: Zach Johnson has hit a beautiful birdie and Rory McIlroy can not hole his 10 foot effort. The Americans have cut Europe’s lead to 2up.

1.29pm: The players are back on the greens. Finally the golf can get under way.

1.20pm: Just to let people know the ticketing situation for tomorrow. Only people who have a ticket for today or are a season ticket holder can watch the singles matches. Not what people wanted to hear but those are the rules.

1.10pm: The players are off the range and on their way. The crowd are in place. Wherever you are, settle in, and show your support!

12.30pm: The crowds have finally arrived and have come to watch the practise session.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Golf, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

12.22pm: Rory McIlroy is in full swing during practise.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Golf, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

12.20pm: Miguel Angel Jiminez, with cigar in mouth, warms up ahead of resuming his fourballs match.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Golf, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

12.10pm: The players are out on the practise green with just over an hour before play resumes.

12pm: From Ian Poulter on Twitter “Rory & Lee warming up on the physio truck, get the blood running thru those legs.”

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Golf, Newport, wales

11.42am: The view from the grandstand at the first tee. The people who designed this course did a great job, it’s beautiful.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Golf, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

11.35am: The clouds are lurking menacingly over the first tee. Rain, please stay away and let us see some golf today!

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, golf, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

11.30am:The slogan says “History in the Making” and it certainly is. The rain means not only has Celtic Manor been turned into a mud bath but also the tournament will be played over four days for the first time ever.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, USA, Europe, Newport, Wales, golf

11.25am: The tented village is empty. At this time in the morning it is normally swarming with people. However, fans were only allowed into Celtic Manor at 11am and it’s a fair distance from the entrance to here. Also notice how much surface water there is, the ground is saturated.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales, golf

11.32am: Finally some common sense. The US PGA want the Ryder Cup to start earlier than October. The US PGA’s chief executive Joe Steranka said: “We have started talking to the PGA Tour and Tim Finchem has given us a commitment that the Ryder Cup will not be played later than the last week of September. We have put a hard-stop on that date because we believe that it will give us more flexibility to get matches finished. You can’t guess the weather but if you have more daylight then you can make up time.”

11.20am: It’s suddenly gone very quiet on all fronts and I’m just sat here twiddling my thumbs so I’m off for a wander. I will be back with some photos.

11.20am: It’s raining again. In fact it’s pouring. It might be like Augusta inside the ropes on the greens but it’s Glastonbury everywhere else.

11.10am: Rory McIlroy on Twitter “All blue on the board! More of the same boys!!! Come on!!! http://yfrog.com/125fcnj

11am: Have just arrived into the media compound to be told the singles will start at 9am tomorrow. It’s official the Ryder Cup will go into a  fourth day for the first time in its history.

10.37am: The crowds will be allowed on to the course at 11am.

10.35am: Play will resume at 1.30pm. It looks like the singles will be played on Monday meaning the Ryder Cup will go into a fourth day for the first time in its history.

10.20am: The rain is easing. Now we can really see how world class the drainage at Celtic Manor actually is

9.15am: Besides the rain there is nothing happening at Celtic Manor, so here’s another photo from Delhi. Dean has been out filming in Old Delhi and here’s a fantastic image of the Red Fort. http://twitpic.com/2u7e4t

Commonwealth Games, Delhi, Red fort

8.45am: Meanwhile, on the other side of the World in Delhi our Commonwealth Games reporter Dean Thomas is watching Welsh wrestlers Brett Hawthorn and Damion Arzu training http://twitpic.com/2u9069

commonwealth games, Delhi, wrestling

7.45am: So much for this Twitter ban…Ian Poulter on Twitter Ian’s video shows that the conditions just aren’t the best out there. http://twitvid.com/8W01H

7.40am: An announcement is expected at 11am as to when play will start again and hopefully it will be back on at 12.

7.30am: Europe are leading in all of the six games that have been waiting over night to resume. There is a lot of blue on the leaderboard but sadly not in the sky.

7.23am: So no golf until 12noon, it’s now official. The weather has ruined what has all the makings of a wonderful spectacle.

7.22am: Ian Poulter on Twitter “There will be no golf this morning official. 12.00 is the earliest possible restarted but could be later. Back to the hotel.”

7.20am: Fans are not allowed on to the course and are currently stuck in the park and rides. Start making your plans to be here on Monday.

7.15am: The rain is falling again and it feels heavier than ever. Play has been delayed and we have no idea when it will resume.

Saturday, 2 October

9.20pm: Ian Poulter on Twitter Great effort from the boys this arvo the board looks awesome, we need to keep the peddle down tomorrow & drive this home. I love Ryder Cups

6.55pm: Our Saturday programme is now online at ITV.com/Wales. Check it out for the main stories from today’s action at the Ryder Cup as well as all the other news from around Wales.

6.30pm: Europe are dominating this third session and are winning in all six of the matches. If the scores stay the same Europe will lead 10-6, let’s hope they can keep it up tomorrow.

5.10pm: Apparently this is the seventh time Westwood has played Tiger Woods in the Ryder Cup. Westwood is  leading the head-to-head 5-1. They are playing each other in the foursomes. Westwood and Luke Donald are currently 2up against Woods and Steve Stricker.

5pm: Ross Fisher has birdied on the second hole to put himself and Harrington 1up against Jim Furyk and Dustin Johnson. What a putt it was too, 15 foot!

4.58pm: It has been a long day and for a lot of fans it has got a little too much so they are now watching in front of the big screen. http://bit.ly/auQBzG Still can’t understand why people come here just to watch it on the screen, though.

4.55pm: Europe have made a bright start to the third session leading in two matches and all square in the third match.

4.45pm: Some Europe fans have gone all out for the Ryder Cup…

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

4.44pm: I have another video clip for you. It is the inner workings of our satellite truck. Never fear we have all of the golf covered! http://bit.ly/99jnAl

4.40pm: I’ve completely forgotten to mention celeb spotting today. I’ve seen Chris Evans and Michael Jordan but Jordan was a long way away. He’s just so tall you can’t miss him!

4.32pm: Ever wondered what our satellite truck looked like, well here you go: http://bit.ly/9PUuCN

4.29pm: Bubba Watson and John Overton are paired up again and they’re out on the course playing Miguel Jiminez and Peter Hanson.

4.20pm: The third session has started and Harrington/Fisher v Furyk/D Johnson are out on the course. It’s non-stop golf today! Both pairs have birdied so it’s all square going on to the second.

4.19pm: Cink and Kuchar have beaten McIlroy and McDowell. USA have now edged both of the sessions and lead 6-4.

4.09pm: People have come from miles around to watch the golf and yet so many sit in front of the big screen. Why did they bother in coming? Have a look for yourself: http://bit.ly/cMt9Z6.

4pm: Blow for Europe as Stewart Cink hits another birdie to put USA 1up with one hole remaining.

3.54pm: As we come to the final hole of the second session Graeme McDowell has hit a superb shot down the fairway. Can Europe square things up?

3.51pm: Cink and Kuchar have hit back and it’s now all square in their match against McDowell and McIlroy going into the final hole.

3.49pm: Despite all the excitement on the course it is still looking pretty busy in the tented village. Take a look for yourself: http://bit.ly/cZDNMK

3.46pm: Bubba Watson holes for par but Ian Poulter birdies to win the match 2&1! It’s now USA 5 Europe 4.

3.39pm: Here are the two foursomes, followed by the four fourballs:
Donald/Westwood v Stricker/Woods
McDowell/McIlroy v Zach Johnson/Mahan
Harrington/Fisher v Furyk/Dustin Johnson
Hanson/Jimenez v Watson/Overton
Edoardo Molinari/Francesco Molinari v Cink/Kuchar
Poulter/Kaymer v Mickelson/Fowler

3.38pm: McIlroy and McDowell now 1up with just three holes to go. McIlroy is loving it…

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Europe, USA, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

3.37pm: Europe player Ross Fisher on his playing partner Padraig Harrington after they won their match: “It was great to play with a three-time major champion. He took me under his wing and it paid off immensely.”

3.36pm: The session three foursomes and four balls have been announced. Bare with me as I get the full details

3.31pm: Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell have taken the initiative and have gone 1up in their match with just three holes to go.

3.28pm: Ha ha. What are the chances? I don’t know how I missed this about an hour ago on the third green Tiger had to go for a comfort break. As he got there the door opened and a blonde walked out. Hilarious.

3.26pm: Westwood and Kaymer match halved with Furyk and Fowler. Fowler hit a brilliant, nerveless  putt to win the 18th.

3.22pm: Padraig Harrington and Ross Fisher have pulled it back as they win their match by 2up against Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson. Just three matches to go in the foursomes. USA are up in one, Europe are up in one and it’s all square in the other.

3.15pm: Good news for Europe as Rory McIlroy hits an eight foot birdie to level his match.

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, USA, Europe, Newport, Wales

3.15pm: USA have made it two wins in five minutes with Tiger Woods putting the winning ball as he and Steve Stricker beat Jiminez and Hanson 4&3.

3.08pm: Zach Johnson and Hunter Mahen have beaten the Molinari brothers to put USA on to 3.5 points.

3pm: Kaymer has played a woefully bad shot but Westwood saves his team-mate’s blushed as he sinks it. Stunning. More fist-clenching. Don’t you just love the Ryder Cup?!

2.55pm: This is heating up nicely. Mahan and Francesco Molinari both find the green on the 17th. Session three (foursomes and fourballs) should start around 3.45pm.

2.24pm: Oh my goodness! Ian Poulter and Lee Donald are leading for the first time in their match against Bubba Watson and John Overton. Europe momentum is growing.

2.2opm: Tiger is on the prowl on the course and we’ve got him on camera walking through the crowd. http://fb.me/B0JPHqzs It still won’t embed, apologies!

2.10pm: Ian Poulter has always been very flamboyant and loves to stand out with what he wears. At first glance today he seems to be rather conservative and wearing the same as all of his European team-mates. However, a closer inspection shows his shoes are half black and half white. Ever the individualist.

2.05pm: Tiger Woods is well known for not being a team player but he is walking a good 35 feet behind his team-mate Steve Stricker. Jiminez and Peter Hansen, on the other hand, are side by side. Mind you Woods and Stricker are 2up so they must be doing something right.

2pm: As things stand Europe and USA will be tying 5-5 at the end of the foursomes.

1.43pm: In fact we have some video footage of the mud: http://fb.me/KAcCyclR I tried to embed it but this blasted technology just didn’t like that idea.

1.38pm: The crowds are here in their thousands and I’ve been in amongst them trudging through the mud around the course.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Europe, USA, Newport, Wales

1.36pm: The sun is here again. Hurrah! There are still some dark clouds lurking, mind. Our weather presenter, Ruth Wignall has a lot to answer for.

1.34pm:The same pairs at the first green.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, USA, Europe, Newport, Wales

1.20pm: The crowds at the first tee for McIlroy and McDowell v Cink and Kuchar.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

1.07pm: Oh the weather outside is frightful but the brews on, it’s quite delightful. And why is it such a pain? It’s just rain, it’s just rain, it’s just rain.

1pm:I’m back  from watching some golf and have managed to take some pictures, which will I’ll put up in a few minutes.

11.51: Keep up to date via my twitter: @Timwellspent.

11.48: I have been having broadband issues for the last couple of hours. I have it for now but not sure for how much longer. I’m heading off to watch a bit of the golf.

9.36am: What a birdie by Rory McIlroy on the 17th. In a word, amazing! He is on fire this morning!

9.30am: Some USA fans came prepared this morning but rest assured there is no need for them today!

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, Golf, Newport

9.15am: Tiger Woods and Ian Poulter have both gone into the water on the 14th. Woods has given this hole up but Poulter is not giving up.

9.10am: Other than that it’s not great for Europe with USA set to pick up the next three points.

9am: Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer have won the first point of the Ryder Cup. Europe are 1-0 up.

8.30am: There is already a massive difference between today and yesterday. Yes, obviously there is no rain and we actually have sunshine but you can also hear the crowds wherever you are on the course.

Friday, 1 October

7pm: That’s it for today. USA have edged it this evening and it looks like it will be a great weekend in store.

6.41pm: Luke Donald sinks a birdie to pull one back against the Americans who are now just 1up after 8 holes.

6.36pm: The first Ryder Cup foursomes session, now scheduled for Saturday, extended to six matches.

6.30pm: The Ryder Cup has a new schedule and means it will not roll over to Monday. That means a lot of golf in the next two days!

6.19pm: Ha ha! Somebody has just said Celtic Manor reminds them of Glastonbury because of the mud. There will be more show stoppers here!

6.18pm: This has an amateur feel to it in the word’s truest sense. The game is being played for the joy and beauty of it. Fantastic stuff.

6.14pm: Mickelson also birdies to cut Europe’s lead in match 1 to just 1. All the matches are being hotly contested.

6.12pm: Beautiful birdie from McDowell meaning he and McIlroy have drawn level in their match against Cink and Kuchar.

6.09pm: Judging by the light I reckon they will play until about 6.45pm.

6.07pm: Birdie for Kaymer and Mickelson meaning Europe stay 2up in match 1 here at Celtic Manor.

5.52pm: Getting a lot of messages from people cursing their luck. They have left Celtic Manor thinking the golf has finished and now they’re stuck in traffic on the M4. It’s not been a good day for some people.

5.48pm: Luke Donald had a chance to pull one hole back but he missed his putt for birdie. Donald and Harrington are still 2 down to Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton.

5.40pm: USA are fighting back and Stewart Cink is on fire. He and Martin Kuchar are now 1up against Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell.

5.23pm: Dustin Johnson birdies meaning Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer are now just 2up against Johnson and Mickelson.

5.20pm: Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton are now 2up after 3 holes against Padraig Harrington and Luke Donald.

5.12pm: There still hasn’t been confirmation that play will rollover to Monday. Pretty obvious that it is.

5.09pm: However, Dustin Johnson  has missed his putt for par meaning Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer have gone 3up in match 1.

5.07pm: Lee Westwood missed a chance for birdie in his match. It was a tough one; seven foot and going up hill. Still 2up.

5.05pm: Wow! Stewart Cink has just holed the ball from 60 feet. He’s just squared the match against Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell.

5.30pm: We have footage of the Celtic Manor staff clearing the water off the greens. For this and more go to ITV.com/Wales

5pm: The play has resumed. About time!!

4.45pm: Padraig Harrington enjoys his sleep. Another photo from Ian Poulter on Twitter.

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, Golf, Newport, Wales

4.30pm: Right, sorry I haven’t been about but I’ve been watching the players practise because play is resuming at 5pm!

3.46pm: America’s Bubba Watson has been making the most of the time off and some of his antics have  been caught by Ian Poulter on Twitter.

3.33pm: Play is rumoured to start at 4.45pm. We live in hope. The rain has stopped. People are out on the course drying the greens out.

3.20pm: The golfers have resorted to playing virtual golf…

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

3pm: It’s a hard life for golfers when play is suspended, isn’t it? Not. Damn you Ian Poulter.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

2.30pm: I think this photo from Paul Azinger, the winning USA Ryder Captain from 2008, sums up the day pretty well.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

2.25pm: Sorry, it was all hands on deck for the lunchtime programme and then had to have a spot of lunch. Apparently there won’t be an announcement until 4pm.

1.23pm: Our poor reporter Nicola Hendy has been out and about on the course meeting some of the crowds on the morning of day one of the Ryder Cup.

1.20pm: I’ve taken refuge in the ITV winnebago for a bit of lunch. I’ve just been told there are people right at the other end of the course just waiting for the golf to restart so they don’t lose their places! Madness, I tell you.

1.12pm: Rory McIlroy on Twitter – It seems the whole European team are pretty relaxed. First it was Harrington and now it’s Miguel Angel Jiminez!

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Newport, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales

1.06pm: The announcement as for when the golf will resume is now at 2pm. Shall we just say it now that it won’t finish until Monday?

1.05pm: Rory McIlroy on Twitter “Just have to say our waterproofs are performing very well!”

1pm: The queues at the tented village are as long as the eye can see! Still no word from the officials about when (if) the golf will resume today.

12.40pm: The Americans waterproofs aren’t waterproof! They’ve had to buy 24 new pairs of waterproof trousers from the Celtic Manor pro shop because theirs don’t work. The pro shop will be happy as will the tented village, which has been packed for the last three hours. This is how the money comes back into the Welsh economy!

12.26pm: Ian Poulter on Twitter: “That 1st tee is truly the most incredible experience ever, the buzz from the crowd shakes thru your body with so much electricity. I love it”

12.09pm: It’s been a day of frustration for everyone involved here at the Celtic Manor. Well, for all but one it seems if this photo is anything to go by. Europe’s Padraig Harrington looks rather relaxed in the changing rooms. (Via @IanJamesPoulter)

Padraig Harrington, Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Wales, Newport, Celtic Manor

12.06pm: Our correspondent Carl Edwards has been up and about in a helicopter this morning taking a look at the traffic along the M4. For his report and more news from around Wales go to ITV.com/Wales.

12pm: For all of our behind the scenes at Ryder Cup photos go to our Facebook page.

11.54am: I thought I would be able to resort to celeb spotting but there are none to be seen. They must all be in the club house having a drink. Don’t blame them!

11.50am: The midday announcement about when the golf will resume has been postponed until 1pm. The rain is taking centre stage.

11.43am: There is supposed to be fog tomorrow morning. Yet more delays thanks to the weather.

11.42am: Is Sir Nick Faldo a prophet? At the end of the last Ryder Cup at Valhalla in 2008 he said everyone should bring their waterproofs to Celtic Manor. Spooky!

11.33am: The scores on the doors. My guess is they won’t be changing until mid-afternoon.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Newport, golf

11.07am: It might be sunny in Tenby but this is how it’s looking here at Celtic Manor. It’s grey, wet and miserable.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Golf, Newport

10.40am: Proof that it can be sunny in Wales in October. Tenby this time last year. (Via Robert Dicks on Twitter)

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport

10.20am: Ha ha! An interesting way of looking at it…Callwildwales on Twitter: There’s never the wrong weather just the wrong clothes!

10.18am: Have had broadband issues but we’re now back online!

9.51am: There are puddles in my boots! The rain is getting  absolutely everywhere.

9.50am: Everyone has headed to the merchandise village. At least the retailers will benefit from the bad weather.

9.45am: Play has been suspended by the chief referee John Parrymore for two and a half hours.

9.42am: JbWilliamz on Twitter: John Travolta just landed his plane outside my office in Llantrisant. He’s off to watch the #RyderCup apparently. Spectacular.

9.38am: Europe are leading three of the four matches and seem to be coping with the conditions better than the Americans.

9.37am: The rain isn’t easing up, if anything it’s getting heavier here at Celtic Manor. This could be suspended within the hour.

9.32am: Phil Mickelson missed out on a birdie so USA and Europe halve the fifth hole.

9.30am: USA’s Jeff Overton has missed out on a potential second birdie on the second hole. Overton & Watson are 1up on Donald & Harrington

Thursday, 30 September

6.20pm: Things are starting to wind down for today. Celebrity hunting will have to wait until tomorrow. But of course tomorrow morning is when it all starts. Nine years of preparation will be finally put into action. Can’t wait.

6pm: Rob King has taken a look at who’s who at this Ryder Cup.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Wales, Newport, Celtic Manor

5.40pm: Jon and Andrea are rehearsing for Wales Tonight.

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Golf, Newport

5.30pm: The pairings for tomorrow’s matches have been confirmed.

Westwood & Kaymer v Mickleson & D Johnson

McIlory & McDowell v Cink & Kuchar

Poulter & Fisher v Stricker & Woods

Donald & Harrington v Watson & Overton

Ryder Cup 2010, Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor, Newport, Golf

4pm: The view isn’t great but Katherine Jenkins among others have been performing as part of the Opening Ceremony.

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, Newport, Golf

3.55pm: Tiger Woods on his way to the Opening Ceremony.

3.35pm: Just spotted football legend Ruud Gullit.

3.30pm: President Barosso has said the Ryder Cup will bring more investment and money to Wales.

3.20pm: Jonathan Hill has interviewed the owner of the Celtic Manor, Sir Terry Matthews. Check it out at ITV.com/Wales

3.15pm: I’m just about to interview Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission.

2.45pm: Our reporters have been catching up with fans from all over the world who have come to the Celtic Manor. More at ITV.com/Wales

12.45pm: Check out these interviews with Welsh celebs Katherine Jenkins and Catherine Zeta Jones. The pair were performing at the Welcome to Wales concert last night when they spoke to ITV Wales.

Watch Catherine Zeta Jones’ interview

Watch Katherine Jenkins’ interview

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Celtic Manor, Newport, Golf12.30pm: The players are out practicing. Tiger is off on the 9th hole but I’m at the 12th where Team USA’s Steve Stricker is in full swing.

11.47am: Just setting up and looking forward to the opening ceremony!

Wednesday, 29 September

9pm: It’s a bit blurry but that’s technology for you. The Welcome to Wales concert was a great way to start the Ryder Cup. Check out our Lunchtime programme tomorrow for some of the highlights at 1.55pm.

3.52pm: Paddy Power have been forced to remove a giant billboard after a court ruled in favour of Monmouthshire County Council.

1.55pm: Our North Wales correspondent Carole Green has done a story on how more and more kids have started playing golf in Wales because of the Ryder Cup.

1:50pm: David Wood has looked at how ministers want to build on the success of the Ryder Cup and attract more big events to Wales.

Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder CupRyder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup, Ryder Cup 2010, Golf, Celtic Manor, Newport, Ryder Cup

11.00pm: fans have braved the weather to watch the United States practise.


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