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A host of Welsh celebs and Shan Cothi on a race horse

Well, it’s been another very busy week on the Wales Show!


I think it’s probably best to mention who’s on the show this week.

In List form if I may…

Catherine Zeta Jones
Katherine Jenkins
Ioan Gruffudd
Tim Rhys Evans
Shan Cothi
Girl Friday

Now, I don’t think that anyone could argue that we haven’t got a host of Welsh Celebs to tickle everybody’s fancy!

The Lovely Shan Cothi is our studio guest this week and she’s talking about her upcoming monumental challenge where she’ll be competing in a sponsored flat race for her charity Amser Justin Time (basically she’s going to be going proper fast on a horse!) The Race takes place at Ffos Las this Sunday!

So Goooood Luck Shan!

Plus I was back stage at the Welcome2Wales Concert at the Millennium Stadium last week getting some exclusive interviews with all the top Welsh Stars you could shake a love spoon at! It was an amazing Show and it even had had the seal of approval from my Mam and Sister! You can’t get better than that!

So well done Mr Producer, Push 4, and Avanti for putting on a great show to make us Welshies feel really proud! Top Job!

Music Music Music!!!

In the Studios this week we have a great band called Girl Friday!

Im not going to say too much about them but what will say is that they were off the Scale good! It’s a musical must!

That’s it from me! Im off to sunny London to present the Hub on This Morning! Tough life aye!

Take it easy



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