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EURO 2012: Welsh entrepreneur’s company Picklive to cover Wales v Bulgaria

Wales, Bulgaria, Picklive, Euro 2012, European Championships, betting, fantasy footballTonight is Brian Flynn’s first game in charge of Wales as his side play Bulgaria in their second European Championships qualifier.

It is also the first Wales game that will be covered by the company Picklive, which offers people a new type of fantasy football.

The company is owned by the Pontardawe-born digital entrepreneur Tim Morgan and since picklive.com was launched last year, it has built up a large following, with 5,000 users per month.

Mr Morgan, 34, has created a platform where subscribers play against one each other in real time while watching live football matches.

Picklive allows users to choose three players in a match and their performances generate the points. You can also substitute your three picks if they are having a bad game.

Watch an interview with Wales manager Brian Flynn ahead of his team’s EURO 2012 qualfier against Bulgaria at ITV.com/Wales

The game has more than 1,000 individual scoring functions, which sees users gain points when their players score or set up a goal or even complete a pass.

Picklive is free to use and often sees players watching games on their TV, while playing Picklive on their laptops.

Mr Morgan explains how he created the company: “The idea came about whilst sitting outside eating a cooked breakfast one Saturday.

EURO 2012, Wales, Bulgaria, football, European Championships

A snapshot of a Picklive game

Each game is 10 minutes long meaning players can play nine matches during a televised game.

“We were discussing how fantasy football is boring because it takes 9 months to get a result and how the person that wins is normally the chap that can be bothered rather than the one that knows the most about football.

“We thought wouldn’t it be good if you could play fantasy football in five minute bursts while watching live games.

The game format is growing in popularity especially following the World Cup during the summer. Picklive has about 5,000 users per week and it’s also growing by about 20 per cent per week.

Mr Morgan continued: “The World Cup had a big impact. You play Picklive while watching football on TV and all World Cup games were live on terrestrial TV during the World Cup so there were lots of chances to play.

“It was also the first time we offered real cash prizes to our winners.”

As Picklive continues to grow it’s now looking to expand. Tonight is their first Wales game but Mr Morgan’s targets go far further.

He added: “I’m going to the match tomorrow and if I had my way we’d cover every Wales match.

“We currently do 10 matches a week and are always looking to increase this.

“We’ve recently started doing La Liga games on Sunday nights and Bundesliga ones on Friday nights as well and ultimately we want to add other sports.

“One day we’ll have a cricket game and a rugby game and I’ll be looking to feature Glamorgan, Wales and Aberavon as much as possible.”

To find out more about Picklive go to their website: https://football.picklive.com/

You can also find Picklive on Twitter: @Picklivefootie


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