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Race organisers apologise after Cardiff Half Marathon route found to be too short

Organisers of the Cardiff Half Marathon road race have apologised to runners after a last minute amendment in the route because of health and safety concerns meant it fell short of the official 13.1 miles required for a full half marathon race.

GPS watches used by runners highlighted the discrepancy between the official distance and the actual run and the route was re-assessed. It was discovered that the length of the course had been reduced by 0.12 miles by the diversion.

Runners learned yesterday that they may not have run the full half marathon distance (Photo: David Lutwyche)

Barnardo’s said it wished to apologise to all participants for any impact the change in route may have had on people’s enjoyment of the event but they said that safety had to be or paramount concern when deciding the final route.

“The safety of all runners and spectators was our primary concern when making such decisions and the change in the course had to be undertaken when an obstruction was identified by race organisers.

“The obstruction resulted in the urgent decision to change the route to ensure there were no risks to runners.”

This year’s race followed a different route to previous half marathon’s organised by the charity who have said they will now undertake a detailed post-event evaluation to look at how to improve the event in future years.

Organisers estimate that this year’s event has raised £1,000,000 for charities.



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