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Powys twins named oldest in the World at 100

Twin sisters Ena Pugh and Lily Millward from Powys have been officially named the oldest twins in the world at 100 years of age.

They were toddlers when the Titanic sank and had just started school when the First World War broke out and now the farmer’s daughters have been acknowledged as record breakers.

Hannah Thomas went to meet them last month

They have taken the record from two French sisters, Raymonde and Lucienne Wattelade, who are 98 years old.

The French twins said: “We think it’s encouraging to know that there are older twins and are delighted to pass the record on to them.”

The pair, who still live near each other and regularly meet up for coffee and to go shopping, were born on 4 January 1910.

Ena was born first, followed by Lily a few minutes later in their family farm cottage in the village of Garthbrengy, near Brecon.

Their parents Charles and Laura Thomas had 10 children, including twin brothers, but Ena and Lily are the only survivors.

They were given the oldest twins title after their birth certificates were checked by Guinness World Records.

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