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On the Pulse

Adrian Masters, Political Editor

It’s a fascinating time to start keeping an eye on politics for ITV Wales.

The National Assembly is gearing up for a referendum and an election in 2011

As far as the Assembly is concerned, there’s a referendum just around the corner which will strengthen the powers that Cardiff Bay has.

Depending on your point of view, that’s either an exercise in tidying up the way devolution works or an unwelcome step towards independence.

Either way the campaign and the vote itself will be well worth watching, particularly as they come just before the Assembly election itself.

We’ll see the two parties who’ve been running Wales together for the last four years fighting against each other and attacking the two parties who are now governing the UK in coalition.

As for what the outcome is likely to be and what form of Assembly government we’ll see, well, I’m not going to predict that yet.

Then there’s that coalition government in Westminster and the sharp reductions it’s making in public spending. What will that mean for public services here in Wales and all of us who depend on them? And also what will it mean for the parties themselves?

I’ll be trying to get some answers to all these questions for Wales Tonight and for Sharp End on Thursday nights, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest online.

My blog will be up and running within the next week but my posts will also appear here. I’ve set up a new Twitter account too @itvadrian if you want to follow me.


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