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Live blog: Wales Rally GB 2010: Saturday 13 November

Saturday sees the cars tackle some of the tougher stages of Wales Rally GB (Photo: worldrallypics.com)

It’s day two proper of the Wales Rally GB and while the sun may be out the roads are promising to be wet and icey with some of the more treacherous stages of the event happening today.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the action and updating you on the latest rally news on our blog with regular twitter updates at @ITVJayneL.

18:46: Brilliant time posted by Kimi in the special stage – fourth in the superspecial stage.

18:43:Loeb and Solberg leapt into the superspecial stage with flare. A lot of the crowd seem to be behind Solberg. Great track here but it’d be better if there were a few bleachers set up to give a better view to a lot of the crowd on this flat stage.

18:27: A good crowd here in Cardiff waiting to catch a sight of the race leaders – they should be here soon.

18:13: There’s very little between race leader Sebastien Loeb and number two Petter Solberg – just 4.6 seconds. In the mean time check out this picture from @OfficialWRC:

Kimi taking flight at junction 8 on SS13 - Monument Hill (Photo: WRC)

16:51: I’m on the road again – this time heading back to Cardiff for tonight’s special stage. It’s been a fab day here great atmosphere though yopu need to be seriously fit to watch this sport! I think I’ve hiked half the course myself – phew.

16:49: RT @WalesRallyGB: Slight damage to front left of Latvala’s Focus at end of SS14: “We hit one of the chicanes. Sometimes you have to take risks to go quicker”

16:47: RT @WalesRallyGB: After SS14: 1. Loeb 2:20:30.5, 2. P Solberg + 6.7, 3. Hirvonen +1:20.5, 4. Latvala +1:27.3, 5. Sordo +1:41.7

15:07: Ogier’s car has been returned to Cardiff Bay – unlucky from the Frenchman who was so keen to tackle the gravel stages of this race.

Ogier's car is wrapped up and back in Cardiff (Photo: Wales Rally GB)

15:03: Sorry for the tweet delay -to make up for it – here’s some pictures:

Seventeen-year-old Osian Pryce bombing through the woods around Halfway

There were some true classics on the course as well as the beefy WRC cars

14:04: Great vantage point here at four ways crychan – you can see halfway as well. There are thousands of fan cars here for the ss14 and 15 stages already – as well as catching the B runners but signal is patchy at best – expect sporadic tweeting.

Since I’ve been gone there’s been a lot of action across the board. Block didn’t start SS13 because of broken drivesshaft in SS12 with Loeb putting in a fantastic performance – the Frenchman seems to be pretty happy out there here’s the lates position from Wales Rally GB:

After SS13: 1. Loeb 2:06:25.6, 2. P Solberg + 4.0, 3. Hirvonen +1:10.0, 4. Latvala +1:20.2, 5. Sordo +1:31.6

Also check out these pictures on the Stobart M-Sport Ford Rally Team’s facebook.

Matthew Wilson taking a very wet corner (Photo: worldrallypics.com)

10:47: Time for a little rally of my own as I head out from the warmth of the media room at the Royal Welsh Show Ground

10:33: Solberg strengthens his lead over Loeb in SS9.

10:21: RT @WalesRallyGB: After SS8: 1. Solberg 1:23:7.9, 2. Loeb +0.3, 3. Hirvonen +45.7, 4. Sordo +51.0, 5. Latvala +1:05.2

10:12: The car’s are making their way to Monument Hill.

From: WRC.com: Stage Summary: SS9/SS13 Monument Hill (10.14km)
“Named to commemorate the first ever closed road stage on the RAC Rally GB in 1960, Monument Hill does actually start at a monument and for the first kilometre runs flat out on asphalt. Once onto the gravel the stage utilises parts of the old Epynt stage, albeit in reverse. The stage features a lot of elevation changes as it dips into valleys and gets quite rough with big stones pulled out, a few muddy sections and a big jump further add to the challenge.”

10:04 Has Ogier crashed out completly?

Ogier: “I came too fast in corner and that was it,”

“The car rolled once – but slowly – but now we are stuck and it’s impossible to restart. The conditions were as slippery as I expected them to be. I’m stupid.”

09:15: Ogier is off the road in SS8! That cvan’t be good for his second place championship bid surely?

RT @WalesRallyGB Hirvonen: “Ogier has spun off. I couldn’t even see the car…”

09:13: Loeb on SS8: “I didn’t like it. Too slippy. Just wanted to get here and get through…”

09:11: RT @WalesRallyGB Solberg has taken the lead from Loeb by 0.3 seconds.

09:03: Builth Wells Remote Service:

It's certainly better weather today than yesterday



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