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Live blog: Wales Rally GB: Sunday 14 Novemeber

Sebastien Loeb leads day three of the Wales Rally GB but Solberg is close on his tail

The final day for Wales Rally GB and the final day for the 2.0 litre WRC cars starts with a nailbiting fight between current race leader Sebastien Loeb and Petter Solberg. Who will win the race? And which driver will take the runner’s up position in the drivers championship as the teams tackle the Resolfen and Margan Park stages.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the action and updating you on the latest rally news on our blog with regular twitter updates at @ITVJayneL.

16:06: Top 10 positions and times overall at the end of Margam 2:

Pos No Driver Time Diff
1. 1 S. LOEB M 3:14:54.0 0.0 0.0
2. 11 P. SOLBERG 3:15:13.1 +19.1 +19.1
3. 4 J. LATVALA M 3:16:29.3 +1:16.2 +1:35.3
4. 3 M. HIRVONEN M 3:16:47.3 +18.0 +1:53.3
5. 7 D. SORDO M 3:17:06.2 +18.9 +2:12.2
6. 6 H. SOLBERG M 3:21:20.5 +4:14.3 +6:26.5
7. 5 M. WILSON M 3:23:31.8 +2:11.3 +8:37.8
8. 8 K. RÄIKKÖNEN M 3:25:21.9 +1:50.1 +10:27.9
9. 14 M. ØSTBERG 3:27:07.7 +1:45.8 +12:13.7
10. 21 A. MIKKELSEN S 3:28:55.2 +1:47.5 +14:01.2

15:05: World Champion Sebastien Loeb has won Wales Rally GB – Petter Solberg is second and Latvala third. The Ford driver picks up number two in the drivers championship. Great race. Drivers are heading back to Cardiff for the awards ceremony in the Bay.

12:46: So how did the drivers find Resolfen 2?

Loeb “I started that stage very fast. But I’m glad to be here. I hope I have enough lead now…”

Solberg:  “I was in a ditch for 20 metres. Perhaps its better to be smarter now…”

Hirvonen: “Maybe the others are slowing. I had a good feeling in that stage…”

Latvala: “It’s making it very exciting! I’m going as fast as I can.”

Well a look at the results shows that Loeb has strengthened his lead – but as we’ve seen this weekend – anything can happen!

RT @WalesRallyGB: After SS19: 1. Loeb 3:9:39.2, 2. P Solberg +17.7, 3. Latvala +1:41.3, 4. Hirvonen +1:41.6, 5. Sordo +2:18.8

Watch footage of Solberg on SS19

Update may be sporadic due to lack of web coverage – keep up today by following @ITVJayneL on twitter.

10:27: Time for one last service before doing it all over again.

10:00: Loeb has strengthened his lead over Solberg this morning – difference now more than 14 seconds.

RT @WalesRallyGB: After SS18: 1. Loeb 2:53:28.0, 2. P Solberg +14.3, 3. Hirvonen +1:45.3, 4. Latvala +1:48.7, 5. Sordo +2:19.6.

Mikko Hirvonen is currently in 3rd place but he is only 3.4 seconds ahead of fellow Finn Jari-Matti Latvala. Latvala needs to move up to 3rd place if his to take the runner-up spot in the World Rally Championship.

09:44: Oh dear Henning Solberg seems to have a problem: RT @WalesRallyGB: Henning Solberg, post Margam: “Something is broken in the front – we have no front brakes. Look!” (pushes his brake pedal to the floor..)

09:00: Morning rally fans – the final day is well and truely here. Car’s have been tackling Resolfen 1 before heading to the woods of Margam.

Just 4.8 seconds ahead of Norway’s Petter Solberg as they left Cardiff this morning, the French World Champion was 6.7 seconds quicker than his rival through Resolfen Forest.

Meanwhile, the battle between Ford team-mates for third place is heating up. Mikko Hirvonen was 8.6 seconds ahead of Jari-Matti Latvala overnight but his fellow Finn has closed the gap by 5.4 seconds already this morning despite complaining of problems with a loose steering wheel.

RT @WalesRallyGB: After SS17: 1. Loeb 2:48:21.8, 2. P Solberg +11.5, 3. Hirvonen +1:42.1, 4. Latvala +1:45.3, 5. Sordo +2:13.2



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