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Recording the last show of the season!

I can’t quite believe it but we’re coming to the end of another run of The Wales Show.

Seventeen programmes have flown by. We’re putting together the end of season finale now – well they get away with saying that on The Mentalist and CSI, so why not The Wales Show?! (delusions of grandeur? Me?!)

Seriously, the last programme is an hour long and it’s tough to decide what to leave out. It’s only when you start looking back that you really take in how lucky we’ve been with guests and music on the programme.

It’s not just a lookback though, we’ve got a couple of previously unseen performances from some of Wales’ best up and coming bands.

So Charlotte Church, Jon Richardson, Duffy, Catharine Zeta, Rhys Ifans – they’ll all be there, alongside Matt’s trip on the Circus Cirkor trapeze – not quite sure how he managed it bearing in mind he got vertigo just pulling the platform boots on when we went backstage at ‘Mamma Mia’!! (Sorry Matty J!) On top of that, we’ll hear from the Timelord who regenerated into Morse, as well as seeing Shan Cothi swap folias for furlongs as she trained to be a jockey.

We’re getting out of the studio and into Christmassy mode on location. Matt wanted to deck everything – including himself – in tinsel…….watch this space!



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