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Wales Show Christmas Special

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It’s been a bit of a bittersweet week. The Wales Show has come to the end of another series and I’m going to miss it, but we’ve had a great time filming the links for our end of season Christmas special.

Big thanks to Miskin Manor. The hospitality was as warm as the coffee and mince pies – and they stayed remarkably cool as we started re-arranging the furniture, setting up lights and tracks for the cameras and generally creating mayhem! We really did have a lovely day!

So, this Thursday’s programme is an hour long special looking back at some of the best bits of the last series. Hopefully we’ve covered most of what you enjoyed – if we’ve left anything out, there’s a suggestion box on Matt’s desk – we can see it now he’s cleared the surface of three months worth of coffee cups!!

We’ve got Charlotte Church, Duffy, Rhys Ifans, Catherine Zeta, Jon Richardson, Wynne Evans, Shan Cothi – the list goes on. Plus we’ll hear a couple of previously unseen sessions from some of the great new bands we’ve had in the recording studio. Really hope you enjoy it, it was fun to do.

I’m feeling a bit sentimental as Christmas heads our way – it won’t last long and it’s nothing a glass of mulled wine won’t cure! – but seriously I’d like to say thanks to the fantastic team who’ve made it a real blast this series.

Introducing - The Wales Show team

If you take a look at the team photo, from L to R, they are: Brian (soundman), Clare (researcher), Richard (cameraman), Matt and me, Paul (cameraman), Lyn (director), Jane (programme editor).

Our two other cameramen, another Richard and Gareth, couldn’t be with us for the Christmas programme but they, like everybody who was with us in studio and gallery throughout the run, were superb.

We’ve been so lucky with our editor Joe too. Ever wanted someone in your life who airbrushes out all the mistakes and makes things glow … ? And every time…!

Big thanks too to Jon, our executive producer. To him and Jane, fell the almost impossible task of keeping us on the straight and narrow! Both are shortly to be nominated for TV’s equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize……I’m writing their acceptance speech already! They’ll leave the competition standing, I can tell you that for nothing.

So to Matty J! You won’t be surprised to hear he’s a lovely guy. Not exactly a hardship then to sit alongside him on The Wales Show sofa every week, talk to our amazing guests, and get paid for it……life can be tough! Thanks hon.

I know, this is starting to sound like the moment when either Billy Crystal or Ricky Gervais calls for security to come and remove me from the stage…..just a couple more!

Diolch yn Fawr to all the wonderful artists who’ve been on the show this series…….but most of all, thanks to you guys for keeping us company every week…couldn’t have done it without you…..well we could….but it definitely wouldn’t have been as good!!

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Fran x



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