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Wikileaks cable: Lembit Opik described Nick Clegg as “thin-skinned”

Former Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik told a US diplomat that Nick Clegg was overly sensitive and reliant on cronies.

A US cable from 2008 says Opik described the Deputy Prime Minister as “thin skinned” and accused Clegg of stealing one his ideas.

“In Opik’s view, Clegg has surrounded himself with insiders who carry out his wishes without consulting other” states the cable.

The conversation is said to have happened between Mr Opik and the US ambassador Robert Tuttle.

Opik is also said to have complained about Clegg’s “thin skin”, citing an argument between the two men:

“Clegg derided one of Opik’s suggestions in front of the Lib Dem cabinet, then adopted it without telling Opik.

“When Opik confronted Clegg about it, Opik says he was immediately whisked away by a Clegg crony who begged him not to make a scene in public.”

The cable was leaked in documents being put into the public domain by website Wikileaks and various newspapers across the globe.

Lembit Opik lost his mid-Wales seat in May this year and has since appeared on the ITV reality TV programme ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here’.


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