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Talking points: Y Sili name?

Residents of Sully in the Vale of Glamorgan are campaigning to change the new Welsh translation of the place name from Y Sili to Abersili as they say current bilingual signs are turning their village into a laughing stock.

Resident Andrew Marsh said:”It has become a bit of a joke around the village.

“Whoever comes to the village sees that they are coming to a place called Sili. Many people think that is just a bit silly.”

The residents’ association has been balloting villagers after it said the new translation was inviting ridicule and disliked by most people living there.

The association’s website says: “The name of our village is Sully and will always remain so. However the Welsh version of Sully should be Abersili not Sili as indicated on road signs and official documentation.”

It continues: “The Welsh name Abersili is derived from its situation at the mouth of the rivulet Sili. Sully is perhaps a corruption of Sili, hissing water ; or of Sylwy : syl – sylhi, to gaze; and wy, water. Some think the word is the Norse for ploughed island, and others think it is a modified form of Sulwy or Sule, a woman’s name.

“Support our view that the Welsh name should be changed to what it should be, Abersili not Sili.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Language Board said the it recommended the name of Sili which was a Welsh version of the Norman name Sully.

Earlier this month residents of Rockfield, near Monmouth also began a campaign against  the new Welsh name for their village, Llanoronwy – which they say is unnecessary as Rockfield has Norman origins not Welsh.

We’d like to know what you think about new Welsh translations of towns and villages in Wales – are they always appropriate? Do you think Y Sili is a silly name? Join the discussion on our facebook page or send your comments to this blog.

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