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Talking points: Proposed school year shake-up could see the end of six-week summer breaks

The academic year could look very different under proposals put forward by Plaid Cymru.

They’re looking to include plans to shorten the six-week summer break and move to a six-term school year in their Assembly Election Manifesto.

The proposals could see the traditional Summer break cut to a month.

Plaid AM Nerys Evans, the party’s education spokeswoman, said: “There is a strong case to be made that the current system is not as effective as it should be.

“The way we teach our children has remained constant even though our nation has changed.

“The term structure as it is now is based upon allowing children to help on the farm and harvesting during summer.Continue reading the main story

“Continuing with it in its present form simply does not take into consideration the challenges of a modern Wales.”But the National Union of Teachers (NUT) said there was no evidence the summer break harmed education.

NUT Cymru principal officer Stuart Williams said:

“I think those six weeks help teachers recharge their batteries. Their work isn’t nine to three-thirty. The vast majority of teachers work at home preparing lessons and marking.

“Having six weeks away from that does teachers good and does children good.”

How do you think the academic year should be structured. We’ve been asking you for your opinions on the plans on our facebook page. To join the debate please visit facebook.com/itvwalesnews


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