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Separated at birth?

Derek Brockway, weather forecaster and Carwyn Jones, First Minister

Until someone mentioned it in conversation, it hadn’t really occurred to me that our glorious First Minister bore any resemblance to Derek Brockway, the BBC’s weatherman.

True there are similarities, the same grey hair, possibly near-ish in age but never having met Derek the weather I can’t say for sure how alike they actually are.

But startling new evidence has come into my possession that indicates not only are they quite alike, but they are actually one and the same person!!

Incredible, I know. But let me explain. I have a new follower on Twitter called Carwynsitting and indicates it’s the account of one Carwyn Jones FM.

At first I was quite flattered to think the FM had time to follow my tweets so I had a quick look to see what he was saying.

So far Carwynsitting has 9 tweets to his credit. And so far 4 followers including Veronica German and the Welsh Liberal Democrats! Interesting!!

Let me share some of these early tweets with you

The first tweet says “part time First Minister, part time BBC weatherman has joined his tweeple to keep them informed of Wales and the weather and stuff!”

Then “people of Wales its raining today and your country is doing fine”

Followed by “did a bit of the First Minster thing, then over to Llandaff to present weather in my new tie”
If that isn’t proof that they are one and the same person I don’t know what is!

It must be very difficult logistically to pull this off. I mean what if the FM is working late in the plenary, how he would get to the BBC in time to present the weather.

And, of course, some people close to both Derek the weather and the FM must know the truth!

Or maybe not. Could he actually be Super Carwyn/Derek changing into different costumes in a phone box? Or more likely a cupboard? Or very probably the Gents!

You would think there would be some give-aways though. I mean Carwyn doesn’t seem to have the same body language as Derek does he? No sign of that curious knee bend and swooping arm gesture when Derek gets to an exciting bit of the weather. Equally Derek doesn’t seem to need to lean on a lectern when telling us about what’s in store for the weekend.

Hmm just checking the latest tweet

“Am very proud to accept award in Europe today for Wales being poorer than most other places. Who says 13 years in Government doesn’t deliver! ”

A bit hard on yourself Carwyn/Derek



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