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Yesterday in Parliament; the blog that got away

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know my sob story about spending the best part of an hour of my train journey home from London last night, writing a long blogpost about yesterday’s exceptionally busy Welsh day in Westminster, only to have the WordPress app on my iphone crash and I lost it all.

I know, I know: I should have pressed save a few times along the way. In the time-honoured words used after every review into every failing: Lessons Have Been Learned. Probably.

Anyway, because you’ll never know otherwise, I can now claim it to be a lost classic. It would have had everything: pathos, romance, danger, action, betrayal.

Actually, it would have told you about the meeting of First Ministers and their Deputies at the Joint Ministerial Committee (tense); Welsh Questions (tense, angry); Prime Minister’s Questions (high-minded for a change, MPs restless, congratulations and laughter for Elfyn Llwyd’s elevation to the Privy Council); debates on alcohol pricing and the future of coastguards and the semi-snubbing of Paul Murphy and Elfyn Llwyd’s bid for a Welsh-day debate on plans to cut the number of MPs (on the shelf).

You’ll just have to take my word for it: a classic lost to posterity like the supposed missing bits of Coleridge’s Kubla Khan.

Only about Welsh politics.

Luckily, my fellow political journalists David Williamson of the Western Mail and David Cornock of the BBC have recorded their versions of yesterday’s events so that you can get the details from them.

They’re both very good accounts, but obviously not as good as my lost blogpost would have been.


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