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Sisters’ and boyfriends guilty of Old Colwyn murder

Two teenage sisters and their boyfriends have been convicted of murdering their 61-year-old father, who was stabbed 15 times in his home.

Antoni Robinson suffered 18 wounds, 15 of them stab wounds, to his face, neck and upper body.

The verdicts on Sacha Roberts, 19, and his girlfriend Holly Robinson, 16, mean all four defendants have been convicted of killing Antoni Robinson, 61, in Old Colwyn, Conwy.

On Friday, Mr. Robinson’s eldest daughter, Ashleigh, 19, and her partner, Gordon Harding, 20, were found guilty.

The judge will sentence them on Tuesday afternoon. He said that while life sentences were mandatory, he wanted time to consider the minimum sentences they would have to serve.

Following today’s verdict at Mold Crown Court, Mr Justice Griffith Williams lifted an order that the deceased’s 16-year-old daughter Holly should not be publicly identified.

The court had been told Mr Robinson was stabbed 15 times by Harding as he slept in his bed.

At the time of the murder last year Harding was living at Mr Robinson’s house with Ashleigh Robinson and their baby.

The prosecution claimed the Robinson sisters and Roberts had been secondary parties to the murder and that they were part of a plan.

The court heard claims that the killing was the culmination of a tragic family dispute about money, jewellery and property.

Mr Robinson suffered 18 wounds, 15 of them stab wounds, to his face, neck and upper body, including four stab wounds to his back.

The prosecution said he had been completely overpowered.

“This killing was the tragic result of family disputes over money, jewellery and property.

“The dispute reached boiling point on the night of the fatal attack, when the defendants met up at the bungalow,” said prosecuting barrister Andrew Thomas.

Following the attack Harding took off his blood-splattered clothes and placed them in a pile in the bedroom and placed a “commando-style” army knife with a seven inch blade and a kitchen knife with a 3.5 inch blade on top of them.

He told partner Ashleigh Robinson her father was dead, had a shower, and then sat in the bungalow waiting for the police to arrive.

The court was told the murder followed the breakdown of Mr Robinson’s 25-year relationship with Joanne Barr, mother of Ashleigh Robinson, which led them into rows over money.

Mr Thomas said a plan was hatched by the defendants to sneak into Mr Robinson’s bedroom when he was asleep and take the contents of his safe.


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