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New cancer scanner to open in Cardiff on Thursday 17 February

Tomorrow, a cutting edge cancer scanner is being officially opened at the University Hospital of Wales, but I was given a special look around it today.

Watch Mariclare’s report on the PET Scanner at ITV.com/Wales

It’s called Positron Emission Tomography, or a PET Scanner for short, and it works by injecting patients with a radio active substance which is actually a form of sugar.

That then shows up on scans where cancer is present as darker areas in the body. And because the PET scanner is more sensitive than traditional CT and MRI scans, so it can spot tiny tumours which are only a few millimetres in size.

It has cost £16.5 million, but those who use it believe if it can treat cancer earlier then it’s worth every penny. One patient who has already been scanned and he said the machine is “marvellous”.

As I said, the First Minister Carwyn Jones will officially open it tomorrow, but you can see it in action now, here on my blog!



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