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Referendum row

Rachel Banner from True Wales, the organisation which is campaigning for a referendum NO vote, has been defending herself against anonymous claims about her working arrangements.

She told me she’s been asked to respond to criticism that she’s taken a lot of time off her job as a school teacher to campaign for a No Vote.

But Ms Banner says she stopped working back in January to free up the time for campaigning and to protect herself and her school from just such criticism. She says she’d already been planning to quit to pursue a PhD.

Hitting back at the anonymous critics, she said

‘Senior political sources’ in the Yes campaign need not be concerned about taxpayers’ money as I have ceased to work as a teacher for my school, in order both to participate fully in this campaign and to prepare for my PhD on Margaret Cavendish and her writings on science which I will be beginning in September.

This is just another trivial diversion by the Yes campaign to continue avoiding a proper debate on the future of Wales.


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One thought on “Referendum row

  1. Isn’t Margaret Cavendish , Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1623 – 15 December 1673), very well documented as it is? What exactly does Rachel expect to add to the to total sum of human knowledge by writing yet another thesis on a fairly unremarkable woman? How is she paying for it? What qualifications does she have to evaluate the worth of her scientific writings?

    All sounds rather ‘elitist’ to me!

    Posted by Siôn Jones | February 19, 2011, 10:25 pm

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