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Sharp End: students’ referendum debate

With just two weeks to go until we vote in the Assembly powers referendum, I thought I’d heard pretty much all the views on both sides of the debate. Until today.

I’ve been chairing a debate in the old Assembly chamber for A-level politics students from across Wales and what a range of strong opinions they had.

What exercised them most was the role played by language in shaping Welsh identity and what sort of role – or otherwise – it should play in Welsh politics.

What surprised me most was the closeness of the vote we held at the end of the session. I’ll get the exact count later but it looked pretty much divided equally between those who’d support a Yes vote and those who’d vote No.

You can see highlights of the debate in tonight’s Sharp End.

I’ve also been interviewing the former Economic Development minister Andrew Davies.

Despite not having done that job for four years, he’s faced criticism of his tenure in the last week after similar criticism was levelled at his successor.

Education remains in the spotlight so I’ll be discussing that too with my guests, the Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies, business expert Dr Paul Thomas and former Liberal Democrat candidate now a politics watcher, Alison Goldsworthy.

Join us for Sharp End, 1035pm ITV1 Wales.

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