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Expats trapped in Libya

As the brutality inflicted by Colonel Gaddafi on his own people continues what will the British Government do to rescue the expatriate workers trapped in remote camps in the Libyan Desert?

Watch extracts from Col. Gaddafi’s speech at ITV.com/News

This morning on Radio Four, a British oil worker was interviewed on the phone as he described what it was like to be stranded with some 300 others in a camp that had little supplies left.

James Coyle told the Today programme that they only have a day’s supply of food and water and no means of protection from looters armed with AK-47’s who have made off with vehicles, fridges, mobile phones and laptops

Mr Coyle claimed in the interview that the British Government has ignored their pleas for help and hasn’t acknowledged their emails and is pleading to be rescued before its too late

Another worker trapped in the Libyan Desert with a small number of co workers is Richard Foscolo from Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan. His local MP Alun Cairns is now calling on the Foreign Office to take action to help Mr Foscolo who works for the OPS Group in a camp located nine hours from Tripoli

Mr Cairns says “I appreciate that the FCO will give most attention to the larger number of people in Tripoli and other cities but the situation could be worse for people in the Desert.

“Now that looting has started, regular communication has stopped, food could become scarce and with no means of communication, the situation is becoming desperate”

According to the Times leader there is now incontrovertible evidence that Libya’s second city, Benghazi, is being blown apart by mortar fire which raises the temperature of the debate about how and why Britain supported Colonel Gaddafi in the past and the links between the UK and Libya

Watch ITV News report on British nationals in Libya

As well as condemning the regime and its violence, some are now saying that Libya’s extensive assets in the UK should be seized. Assets which include extensive property portfolios as well as bank accounts and equity

Meanwhile, workers like James Coyle and Richard Foscolo are waiting for a rescue plan from the Foreign Office



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