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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Anglesey visit: as it happened

More at ITV.com/Wales

Prince William and Kate Middleton will carry out their first official engagement in Wales when they visit Anglesey today. The couple are the guests of honour at the event to name a new RNLI lifeboat at Trearddur Bay. Our correspondent Duncan Golestani is in Anglesey and you can follow him on Twitter: @DuncanGolestani


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Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing their first official royal engagement together in Anglesey today


17:37: Watch footage of Kate Middelton singing the Welsh national anthem at ITV.com/Wales

17:19: Kate Middleton has been applauded for her efforts to learn Welsh after today’s visit.

Kate Middleton has been applauded for learning the Welsh anthem

The future princess joined in singing the Welsh national anthem Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau as well as singing the British and Commonwealth anthem God Save the Queen.

16:31:Watch highlights from the royal couple’s visit to Anglesey today at ITV.com/Wales

William and Kate spoke to RNLI volunteers and members of the crowd


Kate poured champagne over the new Trearddur Bay inshore lifeboat

Watch video of Kate Middleton and Prince William pouring champagne over the newly launched RNLI lifeboat.

From ITV.com/News:

Kate Middleton emerged laughing and smiling as she poured champagne over a lifeboat.

ITV News special: Royal Wedding website

She and Prince William were making their first official engagement since announcing their wedding Trearddur Bay in Anglesey in North Wales.

Miss Middleton arrived at the blustery scene dressed in a three-quarter length beige coat, suede boots, her hair tied back crowned with a feather fascinator.

After listening to her fiance make a speech applauding the work of RNLI rescue crew, she poured a bottle of bubbly over the Hereford Endeavour at the service of dedication for the new vessel.

Relaxed throughout, Kate Middleton looked at ease during her official debut.

15:07: Check out these pictures of the Royal couple at Trearddur Bay from ITV’s Georgina Brewer

Royal couple prepare to pour champagne over the Hereford Endeavour



14:21: Watch Duncan Golestani’s live report from our lunchtime broadcast here

Heres Kate at the event

We think so too!


14:15: First video of the royal couple at the event is online at itv.com/news


14.09: The band are now in full swing.

Anglesey, William, Kate, royal visit

The Menai Bridge Brass Band

14.06: The crowds are in raptures; they don’t care about the blustery winds or grey skies, they’re just delighted to catch a glimpse of William and Kate. Union flags are rippling and there must be hundreds of  camera flashes

14.04: Don’t say we never report the important information…

14.02: If you missed Duncan’s report you’ll be able to catch-up with it at ITV.com/Wales.

14.00: Our correspondent Duncan Golestani has just done his live report for our lunchtime news…

Anglesey, Wales, ITV, Royal visit, Prince William, Kate Middleton

Duncan Golestani reporting live from Anglesey for ITV Wales lunchtime news

13.55: In another bit of royal-related news; Catherine Zeta-Jones has received a CBE for her services to the film industry and for her charity work. Watch an interview with Catherine here.

13.51: And they’ve arrived! Fashionably late of course…

13.31: T-minus 15 minutes until William and Kate are due to arrive and the crowds are in position…

Anglesey, Wales, Royal visit, Prince William, Kate Middleton

The crowds in Anglesey are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the royal couple

13.26: The Menai Bridge Brass Band will be playing at today’s RNLI naming ceremony. The band’s conductor, Chris Williams, has spoken about the nerves and preparing in secret for today’s royal event.

13.20: ITV Wales’ Lorna Prichard is also in Anglesey today and she’s been asking people what the day means to them.

13.13: And just in case you didn’t know here’s the itinerary for the next 45 minutes or so:

The couple are expected to arrive at the lifeboat station at around 1.45pm.

They will be received by Huw Morgan Daniel, Lord Lieutenant for Gwynedd, who will present Mrs Huw Morgan Daniel, chairman of the Isle of Anglesey County Council Selwyn Williams and Judge Graham Hume Jones, president of Holyhead and Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station.

The couple are also expected to meet more invited guests before the service begins at around 2pm.

13.10: It’s quite an honour for Anglesey. A palace spokesman says William and Kate wanted the first official engagement together to be in Anglesey.

He said: “They (Prince William and Miss Middleton) asked for their first joint engagement to be in Anglesey.

Then the lifeboat station approached us about the new lifeboat and, given that Prince William is a search and rescue pilot and at some point is very likely to be working with crew, it seemed appropriate.”

12.58: And here’s, perhaps, the real star of the show with which nobody would be here today.

12.45: And the crowds are starting to build up…

12.30: Very good point; if this relatively small event is getting this much attention, what’s it going to be like at the actual wedding?

Mark Phillips, from CBS News in America, said the couple had captured the imagination of the nation.

He said: “It’s celebrity mixed with the jingle jangle of royal pomp. This couple are very popular. I think it’s because they are attractive, young and because he is Diana’s son.

“And because it’s a kind of a sweet romantic story at a time when the rest of the world is in flames.”

It is a world apart from what’s happening in Libya, that’s for sure.

12.20: Watch Rob Shelley’s report on the preparations and build-up to the royal visit

12.00: We’ve said it once but it’s definitely worth pointing it out again. Duncan has taken this photo showing just how many people from the media are there.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Royal visit, Anglesey

The words media has descended on North Wales

11.10: Crowds of people have turned up early to ensure they have a prime position to see William and Kate Middleton, who will marry at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Lisa Taylor, 42, from Valley, said: “I think it’s fantastic. It’s going to be wonderful to see William and Kate. Really exciting.”

Jean and Keith Critchley took their three-year-old grandson, Samuel, to the event.The couple, who have a holiday home on Anglesey, said it would be good for the area.

“Mary Shaw, 71, from Trearddur Bay, said: “They are a lovely couple. They will get an excellent reception.”

12.00: And of course our very own Duncan Golestani is in Anglesey…

11.45: And Georgina’s not alone, the world’s media are all gearing up for the event…

11.40: There has been a lot of hard work put in to make sure everything’s been perfect for the event and our mid Wales reporter Rob Shelley went to go and see exactly what’s been done.

11.36: ITV News’ royal producer Georgina Brewer was on the scene early this morning

09.00: Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton will make an eagerly anticipated public appearance later today.

The appearance is expected to attract scores of well wishers and media crews from all over the world.

Prince William will name Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station’s new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat the Hereford Endeavour.

The vessel will be launched during the naming ceremony as the crew demonstrate some of her rescue capabilities.


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