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Libyan Demo at the Senedd

I always think the best stories to work on are those that you discover through your contacts. This morning I had no idea there was to be a demo outside the Senedd, there had been no emails, no press releases, nothing.

Demonstrators want medical support for protesters in Libya

So when one of my sources told me that some 200 Libyans and their families were on the way to the Senedd to protest against Colonel Gaddafi, I was immediately interested.

Watch Lynn Courtney’s interview with Hamed Mussa

Not so much because there was to be a demo but because it was about the situation in Libya which along with the rest of the unfolding story across the Middle East is so compelling.

I arrived on the Senedd steps to initially find only about thirty or so people gathering under the Libyan flag. It was a friendly group of men, husbands, wives and children.

The numbers gradually grew, as the men returned from prayers, an important part of their lives

In the crowd some were waving home made placards, others were carrying pictures of those that have been murdered in the troubles.

The police were on standby but it was a very peaceful if noisy demonstration.

I spoke to several demonstrators including Hamed Mussa from Cardiff and he told me what his people want is help from the West. Not help in driving Gaddafi out which he said they can do themselves.

But help in the way of aid workers, medical supplies, blood to help all those casualties and of course Doctors.

The reason that this group gathered outside the Senedd was because they believed it’s a focal point, a gathering place to call out to the Welsh people for aid.



2 thoughts on “Libyan Demo at the Senedd

  1. This was the third demonstration called this week by Libyans in Cardiff, around 200 demonstrated on Queen Street on Wednesday, and around 150 on Thursday. Many people I spoke to were angry and shocked at the level of repression and massacres taking place in libya – but also proud of the courage of hundreds of thousands of the Libyan people rising up for bread and freedom.

    Posted by Adamski | February 26, 2011, 11:30 pm


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