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South Wales firemen part of the earthquake rescue team in New Zealand

New Zealand, earthquake, rescue team, South Wales, Wales, firemenEight firemen from South Wales have started searching the rubble and debris in New Zealand after Tuesday’s earthquake.

The massive tremor struck the country’s second city Christchurch.113 people are dead and it’s thought around 200 people are still missing.

Shaun Moody, from South Wales Fire and Rescue, told ITV Wales: “We’re working hard with a New Zealand contact to gain entry to the buildings.

“There’s different areas of the business district, which we’re trying to make sure there’s nobody there we can rescue who’s still alive.”

They’re part of a 63-strong team of British emergency fire and rescue service workers who have landed in the country and set up camp in Christchurch.

The other 55 service workers have been drawn from fire services in the West Midlands, Grampian, Hampshire, Leicestershire, West Sussex, Cheshire and Essex.

Some of them assisted in the search and rescue mission following the recent Haiti earthquake.

The group was deployed to New Zealand at the request of the country’s foreign and defence ministers.

In London, Prince William, Prince Harry, and William’s fiancée Kate Middleton will visit the New Zealand High Commission today to sign a book of condolence in memory of those who have died in the earthquake.


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