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Wales to lose 10 MPs

It’s official then: Wales will have 30 MPs in future, rather than the current 40.

You may remember the ongoing controversy about the UK Government’s plans to redraw constituency boundaries to make them more equally sized in terms of population.

The Boundary Commission has confirmed it has begun its review of boundaries in accordance with the aims set by Westminster.

It says

‘the four  UK Boundary Commissions have therefore agreed that, for the purposes of the sixth general review, the total UK electorate is 45,678,175 …

and that,

The UK electoral quota is to the nearest whole number 76,641.  Therefore, every constituency in Wales must have an  electorate that is between 72,810 and 80,473.

The document concludes that these calculations mean that Wales should have an allocation of 30 MPs in future.

What the Commission needs to do now is work out where the boundaries for those 30 constituencies will lie.



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