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‘We Will Rock You’ – Review

By Dafydd Jones

‘We Will Rock You’ was the promise of the title – and that they did. The hit musical has begun its current run at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and it’s an incredible show to see.

Featuring the hit songs we all know and love, from a band who’ve dominated rock history for decades, it tells the story of a dystopic society – one where originality and love of music is shunned. The ‘rebels’ or ‘bohemians’ of the society place their faith in a ‘Dreamer’ who wants to break free and express his love of music.

The surprise star of the show is Noel Sullivan, who plays the role of Galileo. The former pop band member who found fame on ITV’s ‘Popstars’ takes on the lead male part with gusto and passion. His singing voice is made for the stage and he looked humbled taking his bow from the applauding crowd.

Queen's very own Brian May rocked out to the final song

The show also features Rhydian Roberts who, of course, also came to prominence on an ITV talent show. This time it was the ‘X Factor’, which ironically was referred to during the show. Leon Lopez also makes a great performance – both are very natural stage actors.

There was one last surprise, though. Queen’s very own Brian May rocked out to the final song – Bohemian Rhapsody. The audience went beserk for this – and rightly so. He doesn’t appear at many performances now but it was great to see the legend in action – and clearly so appreciative of the actors’ work.

‘We Will Rock You’ is at the Wales Millennium Centre until the 17th of April.

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