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The People’s Choice

One answer we held back from our last YouGov poll at the start of the month is released today. It’s to coincide with tonight’s Wales Decides 2011 programme, which looks at the four Welsh party leaders.

In the poll, we asked which of the four leaders in the Assembly would make the best party leader. Here are the results, both for the whole sample and broken down by which party people said they would vote for in the Assembly election (with their constituency vote).

Whole Sample Labour voters Plaid Cymru Voters Conservative voters Liberal Democrat voters
Carwyn Jones 28% 53% 36% 7% 21%
Ieuan Wyn Jones 8% 8% 25% 7% 12%
Nick Bourne 5% 1% 3% 24% 5%
Kirsty Williams 3% 3% 2% 1% 19%
Don’t Know 55% 36% 34% 61% 43%

Carwyn Jones does of course have the advantage of actually being First Minister, so although he is well ahead of his rivals it’s not exactly great for him to be out-polled by the don’t knows. Still he is the choice of more than half of Labour voters. Carwyn Jones is also ahead of Ieuan Wyn Jones with Plaid Cymru voters.

At his party conference on Friday, Ieuan Wyn Jones was announced as the man who had put his country before personal ambition when he chose to be deputy to a Labour First Minister instead of the First Minister of a ‘rainbow’ coalition. It seems Plaid Cymru voters are perhaps a bit too comfortable with that arrangement for Ieuan Wyn Jones’s own comfort.

Nick Bourne is at least the first choice of Conservative voters.

Kirsty Williams appears to be just behind Carwyn Jones with Lib Dem voters but it’s worth remembering that her party’s current poor poll ratings mean that there are very few Lib Dem voters in the sample.



2 thoughts on “The People’s Choice

  1. “Carwyn Jones is also ahead of Ieuan Wyn Jones with Plaid Cymru voters.” What an amazing result! Labour really are doing well at the moment thanks to Carwyn and to some very good candidates.

    The Labour man in Aberconwy is particularly charismatic, and I have seen LibDem and Plaid voters fall to his gentleman’s courtesy. This will really be an interesting election.

    Posted by Gwilym | March 30, 2011, 12:48 am


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