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Rest and Relaxation

If I was an Education Correspondent I’d be worried about the 3Rs, but as I do health there are only 2 Rs that concern me – rest and relaxation!

Last week I took some annual leave and while I was off my mum and I visited a health spa. After a couple of massages, a wrap, and time in a special salt pool known as Thalassotherapy, my body was in tip top health.

But the trip was also good for my mental health. While I was there I had nothing to worry or stress about, and making time to spend with my mum always makes me feel good.

On Monday it was back to the office, where the well being has continued in the form of a change, which people say is as good as a rest!

This week I’ve been filming my 1st half hour programme. Wales Decides 2011: Health looks at the issue of the NHS in Wales ahead of the Assembly Election. I’ve been working with a fantastic producer called Fiona Scott, and I can’t wait for the final product to be shown on screen on Tuesday 5th April at 10.35.

As a result of all that I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. But things are already starting to get busy for me again in the ITV Wales newsroom.

New research has shown the NHS in Wales is spending around a million pounds a week to deal with alcohol and obesity; April is officially Bowel Cancer awareness month, and I am also working on a special investigation with a family in Cardiff.

So I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’m asking “When can I take some more leave?”!



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