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Election I

The stakes are high in this election for all four of the main political parties.  To recap:

For Labour, the prospect of governing Wales alone – tantalisingly within its grasp but with so many circumstances which could rob it of that cherished prize at the last minute.

For Plaid Cymru, the answer to the question it posed to supporters, opponents and politics-watchers four years ago: what will it get from passing up the (admittedly challenging) chance of leading a rainbow coalition in favour of being the junior partner to Labour?

For the Conservatives, the aim is primarily to hold onto gains painstakingly made over the last decade in the face of an historic tendency by Welsh voters to react against Conservatives in power at Westminster by voting Labour.

For the Liberal Democrats: the task is to use every weapon at its disposal to prove the doomsayers wrong and survive a massive plunge in popularity.

At least two of the smaller parties – the Greens and UKIP – believe that they too have an historic chance to nab one of the Assembly’s 60 seats.

ITV Wales will be covering the election campaign on air and online throughout.

Tonight you can see the latest of our special Wales Decides 2011 programmes.  ITV Wales’ health correspondent Mariclare Carey-Jones analyses one of the key election issues, from cancer care to community nursing.  Plus the result of the latest Wales 1000 poll question – should free prescriptions be scrapped?

On Thursday night my second Face to Face interviewee will be Nick Bourne, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

You can follow our election coverage online here. You’ll find video and blog content there as well as Twitter feeds to follow.


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