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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bipolar Disorder

If you break your leg and have it put in plaster, people will give you sympathy and hope you feel better soon.

News that Catherine Zeta Jones has been treated for Bipolar II Disorder shows that it can affect absolutely anyone

But if your illness is mental rather than physical, it can be a different story.

Unfortunately stigma can still be a big problem for people who suffer with mental ill health, but the news that Catherine Zeta Jones has been treated for Bipolar II Disorder shows that it can affect absolutely anyone.

Figures show 1 in 6 people in Wales will have a mental health problem, and 1% of the population will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

That means someone you know is likely to have mental ill health at some point in their life

According to Catherine’s publicist, she checked into a mental health facility for treatment following the stress of dealing with her husband’s throat cancer.

With so many of us experiencing similar stresses and strains in our every day lives, it’s hoped her announcement will break down the stigma surrounding mental ill health.

And also encourage others with mental ill health to get the help they need.

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One thought on “Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bipolar Disorder

  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    For disorders that are quite clearly biological in nature, the suffers are made to feel like they are weak members of society who just can’t deal with everyday issues like everyone else can.
    Rather than there being compassion and understanding that some peoples brains work differently to others sufferers are quite often ostracised and treated like they are just weak people.
    Your right that high profile sufferers such as Catherine Zeta Jones will go along way in reducing the stigma. But I also believe that education on mental health issues is the key to breaking down this stigma that society seems to attach to the mentally ill.
    I have created a website http://www.onlinebipolartest.com that’s aim is to educate as many people as I can about the debilitating condition of Bipolar Disorder.

    Posted by megan | May 2, 2011, 5:58 am

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