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Charities react to Catherine Zeta-Jones bipolar disorder news

The Welsh star is receiving treatment for bipolar II disorder

Mental health charities hope today’s news that Welsh star Catherine Zeta Jones is receiving treatment for bipolar disorder is a positive step towards de-stigmatising the illness.

Welsh mental health charity Hafal, which supports individuals with serious mental illness and their families, is one organisation that has today spoken out about Catherine Zeta-Jones and the disorder.

Alun Thomas, deputy chief executive of Hafal, said:

“It’s been reported that Catherine has bipolar ll, an illness which causes significant mood swings.

“This means that unlike bipolar l – which causes extreme mania and depression where people can become detached from reality  –  Catherine is likely to have had racing thoughts, mood swings, been easily distracted and had episodes of quite major depression. Life stress can be a cause for bipolar ll and in Catherine’s case that has been reported this year.

“When someone in Wales has bipolar disorder statutory and voluntary sector services need to work together to ensure people are able to take control of their lives.

“Many creative people have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; people like Stephen Fry, Carrie Fisher, Florence Nightingale and Frank Bruno; there are many people out there who have had the illness and, most importantly, recovered and gone on to lead productive lives.

“The fact that Catherine is due to return to work shows that people with bipolar disorder can, with the right treatment, recover and return to living a valued and productive life.”


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