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Women for Women challenge

I had a brilliant time in Porthcawl last night thanks to an invitation to spend the evening at a fundraiser for The Genesis Research Trust

The charity was founded in 1985 by Professor Robert Winston with the aim of promoting science for the health of women and babies.

Steve Strange and Lauren

To bring that down to how it might affect you , me or our families, The Trust wants to understand better the cause of  conditions like premature birth, ovarian cancer, brain damage and miscarriage.

The Trust has compiled these statistics

1 in 18 babies in theUKis born prematurely a rate that has barely changed since the 1930’s

  • 1 in 4 babies are miscarried. This rate has also remained unchanged since the 1930’s
  • 1 in 175 babies is stillborn. This rate has remain almost unchanged since the 1995
  • 4,370 women die from ovarian cancer every year
  • 1 in 10 women suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome

To find out what causes this conditions clearly will need a great deal of expensive research But  there’s no reason why raising  money for such an important cause shouldn’t be fun as well.

To that end, local celebrity Steve Strange who fronted the band Visage in the 80s made a special appearance at the fundraiser at the Atlantic Hotel in Porthcawl.

Lynn spoke to Cara and Mandy about the challenge

Accompanied by female vocalist Lauren du Valle he performed  Fade to Grey,  one of the bands, greatest hits to  help raise the profile of the event

The purpose of the evening though  was to raise money specifically for a special cycle  challenge that Mandy Rees and her daughter Cara are undertaking in the autumn.

Its called the Women for Women challenge that’s been a yearly event for over a decade.

In that time some 1400 women have raised 2.5 million pounds for research.

This year Mum and daughter having taken up the challenge of  a 400km cycle ride from Vietnam to Cambodia, all in five days

Mandy, who is a personal trainer, and Cara are looking forward to the experience.

They hope to raise thousands of pounds for the Trust.



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