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Angelsey booms thanks to royal couple

As Prince William heads back to work at RAF Valley on Anglesey, the island’s basking in sunshine but also in the publicity generated by being home to the royal couple.

News crews from around the world have descended on the island, discovered Kate and Will’s favourite haunts and have given Anglesey a platform and prominence worldwide money couldn’t buy.

And that’s great for business. Tony Green at Red Boat Ice Cream parlour in Beaumaris says there’s a buzz about the island and he thinks it will last. It’s a similar story at Blackthorn Farm B&B near Treaddur Bay, where bookings are up 50 per cent on last year.

Prince William has spoken of his love of the coastline – 125 miles of it – and it seems more and more people are coming to check it out. Hits to the Visit Anglesey website went up 300 per cent when the couple’s engagement was announced, and tourist bosses say business could increase up to 20 per cent due to the ‘Kate and Will’ factor.

For an island that depends on tourism, it brought in 234 million pounds last year and supports over 4,000 jobs. It seems being home to a royal couple is a golden business opportunity.

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One thought on “Angelsey booms thanks to royal couple

  1. I agree, there’s a real sense of hope and excitement in the air. My husband and I run a local holiday letting agency and we’ve noticed an increase in enquiries since the wedding. We’re really looking forward to an upturn in bookings this year and hope the continued interest in Anglesey will put it on the map as a top holiday destination. We’re really proud to have the Royal couple as fellow Anglesonians and feel very protective over William & Kate.

    Posted by Emily Gearing | May 5, 2011, 6:07 pm

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