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Alleged electoral fraud investigation

Police have confirmed that they have launched an investigation into alleged electoral fraud following a complaint made to North Wales and South Wales police forces regarding the election of Liberal Democrat AMs John Dixon and Aled Roberts.

The pair were technically not eligible to stand for election because of their membership of two separate quangos answerable to the Assembly. They have since resigned their posts on the quangos.

UKIP MEP John Bufton had earlier made a complaint to police.

A spokesperson for South Wales police said: “Following a complaint received by South Wales Police and North Wales Police on Thursday 19th May relating to electoral fraud, South Wales Police will be leading an investigation by both forces following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.

“The investigation is in the early stages with enquiries ongoing.”

Political experts believe it is unlikely that the entire Lib Dem lists of candidates in North Wales and South Wales Central will be disqualified.

One likely outcome is that the two men will be replaced by the next candidates on the two lists.

However, it’s unlikely anything will be done until the police inquiry is over, meaning Labour will potentially enjoy a two-seat Senedd majority in the meantime.

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