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Opera star singles out Wales’ Air Ambulance for charity

Take one small studio, add a male and female voice choir, throw in world-famous opera star Bryn Terfel, and you have quite a special sound.

Bryn Terfel sings the charity single Anfonaf Angel in benefit of Wales' Air Ambulance.

Mr T was launching his charity single – Anfonaf Angel (I send an Angel) – to raise money for Wales’ Air Ambulance at the Galeri in Caernarfon. (Listen to the single here.) The Air Ambulance celebrates 10 years of service — a service that manages to raise £5.5 million to keep its helicopters flying each year in a nation of  3 million people. I’m learning Welsh (slowly, painfully slowly) – but the music sounds good. The single might even have done a bit better than Blue last week if we’d put it in for Eurovision.

What made the performance a bit different was that there, in the choral rows behind Bryn, was his mum Nesta. You only have to see them to realise that if a young Bryn Terfel had ever dreamed of being an astronaut, a chartered accountant or possibly Governor of Arkansas, there was no chance. Music is in the DNA.

That voice, close up, is quite something. It’s echoed from La Scala to The Met – where it’ll cost you a fair few euros or dollars to see him in action. The Caernarfon boy back in his home town, where a lot of people who’ve worked tirelessly for the Air Ambulance got a chance to hear him for free. Or at least the £3.99 that the single costs.

One thing I did find out about Bryn: Where’s the last place you’d expect an opera singing Man United fanatic to be on the night his lot play Barcelona for the Champions League title at Wembley? Ironically enough, he’s singing in Valencia.



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