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Protesting against pylons: Mid Wales marches into Cardiff Bay

This morning at 11am, hundreds of People Against Pylons from Mid Wales will march in Cardiff Bay. The protest culminates on the sixth day of a trek that will take a few core protesters more than 100 miles from Welshpool to the steps of the Senedd with thousands more.

But why are these people against pylons? The group outlines its reasons on its website, listing damage to the countryside, a flawed consultation, health risks, outdated technology and vested interests. At the crux of this campaign is a plan to install wind farms that need those massive, metal structures known as pylons to connect their electricity to the National Grid.

All of this stems from the Welsh government’s plans for renewable energy to meet the National Grid’s needs. (In policy speak, this is known as TAN 8, or Technical Advice Note 8: Renewable Engery, which can be read in its entirety here.)

To get a full picture of the issue, watch last night’s ITV Wales report here.

Who’s behind the placards?

The campaign has enlisted the local newspaper, Powys County Times, and its chief reporter Richard Jones. Through the blister-inducing trek, Jones has been keeping a journal on the County Times’ website whilst also tweeting @CountyTimes.

Another campaigner against the wind farm plan is @weathergodess, better known as weather presenter Sian Lloyd. She plans to be at the Senedd this morning, too.

Glynn Davies MP for Montgomeryshire is another advocate for the campaign. On 10 May, he spoke out against wind farms in Parliament.

Within Facebook, the campaign has a critical mass of activity on the Montgomeryshire Against Pylons (MAP) Facebook page with more than 600 people “liking” the page. Other pages on the social network include STOP (Stop the Overhead Pylons), Conservation of Upland Powys, and Artists Against Wind Farms.

EPAW (European Platform Against Windfarms) has advertised today’s protests, using a musical collage of images of Mid Wales countryside to elicit ill will towards TAN 8. Another site, Wind Farm Planning in Mid Wales, attempts to collate all the information into one place.

For all of those who won’t be in Cardiff Bay, follow Twitter hashtag #moc24.

What do you think of the planned wind farms in mid Wales?


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2 thoughts on “Protesting against pylons: Mid Wales marches into Cardiff Bay

  1. We should be producing green renewable energy here in wales and should be proud to do so. We simply can not afford to continue with illegal wars to sustain fossil fuels from insecure countries for all our energy needs. A 15% rise in our household bills this year alone for the rising cost of importing fossil fuels when renewable energy can be made right here in wales.

    With regard to the pylons, National grid are holding local consutlations in all villages and towns with views sought on a number of selected routes. They have not ruled out underground cables either.

    The MP, Glyn Davies was said to be pro wind – until a wind farm application was refused on his own farm land. Glyn was an assembly member when TAN8 was drawn up, (on instruction of UK government) as guidelines(I repeat, guidelines – not policy as the NIMBYs are stating) on how to reach UK renewable energy targets / reduce carbon emissions. If he was so anti wind farm, then why did he not campaign for a greater diverse range of renewable energies to be built in his constituency? There was nothing stopping him doing this! TAN8 caters for all renewable energy types but focuses on wind power because of the complex planning issues involved. No wonder so many people call him the MP that is all talk, no trousers (thanks to an incident when he was caught by police driving a stock lorry in just his underpants!) An inefective politician that sat back while reaping the huge benefits of being elected. Thanks to his idle ways and constant moaning, there is now proposals for large wind farms in one cluster of mid wales with the need for a new power line to transport the energy produced. The decisions for the large wind farms and the power route will be made by the govt dept in LONDON.

    Posted by sam | May 24, 2011, 2:53 pm
  2. As a former paid up member of FoE; I and a very substantial number like me are behind environmental and ecological conservation. That’s a much unreported fact. “Nimbyism” is a convenient if trite term to try and kill of intelligent dialogue. Our position is clear – it is not an either or scenario of wind versus nuclear or an informed opposition to wind energy being a bias against all renewable energy per se. That postion is, that wind energy is an absurdly political and money spinning exercise that really stunts at birth, real and far more viable forms of renewable energy for our future.

    It is commercially and in terms of technical and engineering endevour a cul-de-sac. Many of us refuse by principle and simple reason to be duped by this con of wind power, that is at best working to around 34% efficiency on average. Not even our primitive ancestors would adopt such absurd adventures for such little gain and such great desecration their landscapes. Of course what hasn’t changed, is that then as now, parts of our society will do anything unspeakable in the pursuit of wealth to the detriment of the environment, ecology and it’s people.

    Posted by Stephen McKeown | May 24, 2011, 9:06 pm

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