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The Bullseye Killer: The story of catching John Cooper

John Cooper

Yesterday, Wales’ most notorious serial killer was found guilty of four murders in the 1980s. John Cooper will now spend the rest of his life imprisoned. But the story behind Cooper is both haunting and fascinating.

Wales This Week tells the story of The Bullseye Killer in a special one-hour programme. If you missed it last night on ITV Wales, watch it here.

If you don’t have an hour to spare, learn more about how Cooper was brought to justice in this series of videos:

Who is John Cooper? John Cooper has been described as a compulsive gambler, and shortly before he murdered the Dixons he took part in the ITV gameshow Bullseye gambling for the star prize.

Solving the case To secure today’s conviction, detectives had to build a watertight case – and key to that was cutting edge forensic science.

The unsolved murders So four murders, a rape, sexual assault and robbery – all at the hands of John Cooper. But some are questioning tonight whether that is the full extent of his crimes and whether there were more victims.

The impact The victims’ familes have suffered their pain and the people who call this part of Wales home have had to deal with an unwanted spotlight on their lives.


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