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Everyone’s going Gaga for this Dinas Powys tribute artist…

Tribute artist Donna Marie Trego is often mistaken for Lady Gaga herself

Have you ever wondered what makes a performer want to become a tribute artist ?

Spending your life pretending to be someone else ?

Certainly the more successful performers can get a very good living out of it. But is there more to it than that?

With this in mind, I went to meet Donna Marie Trego from Dinas Powys, who for the last twelve months has been performing as the Lady Gaga Experience.

With 16 years’ experience of singing , it was only recently that Donna Marie realised that she not only sounded like Lady Gaga but, with a few well-placed false eyelashes, looked a lot like her as well.

Since then she has been doing the lot – birthday parties; hen nights; all sorts of special occasions where people would love to have Lady Gaga perform but couldn’t even dream of paying for the real thing.

But now Donna Marie is in big demand and last week played a venue in Germany that was the size of the CIA in Cardiff.

And this week, on Thursday, she will be playing to an almost sell-out audience at St David’s Hall in Cardiff.

I went to meet Donna Marie at the Towers Hotel in Swansea, where she was playing what might be one of her last gigs before hitting the big time.

Watch Lynn’s interview with Donna Marie Trego here.



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