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Cardiff Born Cardiff Bred

Introducing the cast of Cardiff Born, Cardiff Bred

By Dafydd Jones

It’s the new show that’s been described as south Wales’ answer to ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

But the producers of Cardiff Born Cardiff Bred have been keen to point out, that their reality docu-soap is less fake tan and big breasts and more ‘real people’ with ‘real lives’.

The CBCB phenomenon has really taken off in the last month. In that time, the idea was born, auditions were held, and the final cast has now been revealed.

The programme is the brainchild of Sarah-Jayne Farthing who’s a businesswoman from the city. She was impressed by the other docu-soap type shows that are out there at the moment, but disappointed that they didn’t show real people:

“Cardiff isn’t like that”, she told ITV Wales.

“Yes, you have people who drink cocktails and live a party life on Mill Lane, but they also have interesting stories to tell.

“What I’ve tried to do is bring out a real mix of people, some of them know each other, some of them don’t, but they will get to know each other and their stories will be fascinating.”

The cast was unveiled at a launch last week, and they’re definitely from a variety of backgrounds. They include a 20-year-old who has his own marketing business, a 20-year-old former professional footballer who’s now doing a medical degree, models, and a young couple who have a one-year-old son and are making a life for themselves in the city.

As well as that, there’s a single mum who’s just starting a degree, a party promoter and an ex-convict who’s trying to reform his life.

Everyone who’s in the show is really excited to be a part. Josh Knight, who used to play football for West Brom says:

“It’s not about wanting to be on TV, it’s about showing what the people of Cardiff have to offer.

“There’s some great people in this and they’re all really lovely, and not at all fake.”

The show will be put on the dedicated website in September and will then be made available on YouTube.

There’s a lot of filming to be done between now and then though, and the team behind it, are hoping it’ll be a smash success.


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