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Theodore Huckle unveiled as new Consul General

Theodore Huckle is a wonderful name.

Theodore Huckle is the new Consul General for Wales

He should be a character in a book based in mid town America.

A character who might indeed crop up as the local lawyer in Murder She Wrote.

But instead Theo Huckle is our new Consul General.

And it was this same Theodore Huckle who was paraded in front of the media today

Introduced by our own First Minister  Carwyn Jones to the awaiting media snapping like hungry dogs at his feet.

Growling with indiscreet questions like why did he take up the job of Consul General when it must have meant a pay cut compared to work at his practice?

And as previously asked by Plaid’s Simon Thomas  did he get the job thanks to a helping hand from the old boys network of the Labour party ?

Not perhaps the questions you would ask a guest at a dinner party but then sitting in the First Minister’s office atCathaysPark, we were hardly at a dinner party.

And in fairness to Mr Huckle , questions that he was not afraid to answer

You would expect nothing less from a senior Cardiff lawyer taking up a new high profile post.

Watch Lynn’s interview with Theo online at ITV.com/Wales



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