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Review: Avenue Q

By Dafydd Jones

A coming-of-age tale with characters who are full of aspiration and hope but whose lives are feeling incredibly desperate. The residents of Avenue Q are bound together by their desire to make something of their lives, and achieve the ambitions their parents instilled in them as children.

Entangled with that are several love stories and a realisation from the characters about themselves and what they want to become. They’re tackling many of the issues life throws at us, including work, relationships and sexuality.

Avenue Q is an incredible production with immensely talented actors. Most of the characters are portrayed via puppets – but the voices behind them are on stage mimicking the puppets’ expressions perfectly. Or should that be the other way round?

Several of the actors also play more than one character – sometimes even appearing on stage at the same time. And what’s surprising is that they’re all British – but their interpretation and presentation of American culture is second-to-none.

The songs are very catchy and will be ringing in your head as you leave the theatre, although you may want to think twice before singing some of them on your way into work in the morning. The content is racy and is definitely not one for the prudes amongst us! But if you’re open-minded, and are looking for a laugh, this is definitely a show to go and see.

The whole theatre was in stitches of laughter throughout most of the performance, so if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, feel-good show, then get yourself down to the Wales Millennium Centre, where the Tony award-winning Avenue Q is showing until the 18th of June.

Avenue Q at the WMC from ITV Wales on Vimeo.

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