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Take That picture for Wales photo fortnight

We’ve hand picked a few of Your Pictures on the ITV Wales Flickr group,

ITV Wales is small newsroom that can’t be all over Wales at once. So, this is a shout out of appreciation to those you snapping photographs of the nation. Wales photo fortnight is a new feature on the blog. But we need your help.

It’s easy. Upload your snapshots to Flickr and stick them in the ITV Wales Your Pictures group.

Park Padarn, Llanberis by Underground Dweller

Borth by S Wainwright

“Walking along the sea wall at Borth in mid Wales enjoying the view of the sea when I turned around at saw these storm clouds gathering, luckily the storm passed on past where I was but I heard later on that where it did strike the ground ended up covered white over from hail stones.”

Take That, Robbie by Ceri Boulton

Rescue 122 – Stepping in by Aaron Crowe

“Training excersise with RAF Rescue 122 at North Hoyle Windfarm. Liverpool bay, Irish Sea. Didn’t realise how much spray the down force of the helicopter created. So much water on the lense. Tried to get rid of as much as I could in Lightroom.”


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