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Beach Break blues

Tamsin Eames (left) relaxes with a friend at Beach Break Live.

By Tamsin Eames

Just another friday in the office. I trawl through the web with hopeful optimism that a news story will scream out at me. Admittedly, my eyes are glazed over. I’m failing to absorb any information I’m reading. The truth is, my heart isn’t with news today.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my job. If I could, I’d get down on one knee, declare my unconditional love for it and ask for its hand in marriage. But even in the most stable relationships, you still have your rocky days.

And it’s understandable why mine is today. This time last week, 20,000 happy campers descended on the Welsh coast for Beach Break Live. As for me? Well, I was buying wellies in my lunch hour.

As a festival virgin and a self-confessed pansy, I didn’t want to throw myself in the deep end and camp for the full, four nights. Not only would I have irritated fellow campers who’d be forced to tolerate my disgruntled ranting, but I was fearful that the nauseating toilet/bathroom situation may have forced me into a pit of depression. So instead, I opted to make the most of one fun-filled day on Saturday.

Boy did I regret that decision. I naively skimmed over the fact that there wasn’t enough hours in the day to factor all that BBL had to offer – a very silly mistake for something dubbed as Britain’s biggest student festival.

And so, I missed out on a lot.

Yes, I did get to see the wonderfully geeky yet comical We Are Scientists as well as chart-topping Example and uber-cool White Lies. And of course, the atmosphere was incredible and I had the best day of my life. But blah blah blah – that still wasn’t enough. I wanted more!

And irritatingly, I could have had more. BBL has grown enormously since its humble beginnings in 2007. This year, it was bigger than ever.

Pembrey Country Park near Llanelli played host to 300 music acts that took to 13 stages. Included in the list were big names such as Tinie Tempah, Katy B and DJs Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe.

But if you weren’t there for the music, needn’t worry: Wake-boarding, kite-surfing and volleyball on the beach were equally exhilarating ways to keep you distracted from the erratic weather.

Keeping with the extreme sports theme, you could also have tried your hand at skiing and snowboarding thanks to the 100-tonnes of imported snow that was shipped to the artificial ski slope at the park.

Sounds amazing, right? Even after one taster day, I can tell you that it certainly was.

But all I can do now is prepare for next year’s festival. Whether that means I’ve got to camp in the garden, padlock my bathroom door so I’m forced to use a bucket as a toilet, or hose myself down instead of showering. I’ll do anything to stop myself being scared to stay longer than a day so I don’t make the same mistake as this year.

But for now, I should snap out of these post-BBL blues and get back to work.


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