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Cows invade quiet valleys street

Around 20 cows escaped their paddock and began grazing the front lawns of homes in Peacehaven (Photo: Wales News)

The residents of a quiet valleys street awoke to an unusual sight last week  after a herd of cattle escaped from a nearby field and decided to graze their front lawns.

Around 20 cows escaped from their paddock and made their way to Peacehaven in Tredegar to the surprise of the people living there.

Speaking to the Gwent Gazette Peacehaven resident Sonya Gould said: “We are used to having pints of milk delivered to our doorstep but not the whole cow.”

The 70-year-old added: “They were everywhere. We are all treading cow muck into our carpets because it’s all over our garden paths.

“We held a fundraising event to plant flowers around the communal gardens but the cows have eaten them all.”

People living in the road say they are used to having sheep straying on to their gardens – but that the cow invasion is the final straw.

Ann Ingram, who was woken by the cows, said: “It used to be sheep, and that’s bad enough, but cows are a whole different kettle of fish.

“It’s frightening for many of the older people here to have cows walking down the street, peering in their windows – it’s ridiculous.

“They’re obviously big animals, and an elderly person can’t just shoo them off – there’s no telling what an animal might do.”

Residents have brought in the council in a bid to get the cattle to moo-ve on.

A spokesperson for Blaenau Gwent Council said: “We’ve done our utmost to tackle this problem, and have responded to all call-outs.

“We continue to monitor the situation at least once a week and any roaming animals will be impounded.”

The council added that they may take legal action against the farmer if he is unable to keep his cows under control.


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