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Wales prepares for biggest day of industrial action since the 1980s

Wales is preparing for the biggest single day of industrial action since the 1980s.

Tomorrow will see thousands of public sector workers including teachers, lecturers and civil servants out on strike campaigning against the Coalition Government’s plans for pension reform and job cuts.

I’ll be in Swansea reporting for Daybreak and ITV Wales News from 6am. The city is particularly dependent on the public sector which provides 40 % of Swansea’s jobs.

The DVLA, Land Registry, Swansea University, the council and Morriston hospital are all big employers.

Research from the Centre For Cities shows Swansea wil be the hardest hit in Wales and the second most vulnerable city in the UK to public sector cuts. It’s predicting 4% of all of the city’s jobs could go by 2014.

Down the M4 in Newport civil servants, teachers and lecturers are taking co ordinated action to defend their pension rights.

The Westminster government says public sector workers will have to pay more , receive less and work longer because the current terms are not affordable or sustainable.

But Newport’s Trades Union Council Secretary Malcolm Degroot says it’s an unjustified attack on public sector workers. THe city is still reeling from job losses at the Newport Passport Office.

In north Wales workers at the coastguard station in Holyhead which is under threat of closure say they will work but only to answer distress calls. The team say the’ve been moved by the overwhelming support from the public in recent weeks to keep the coastguard station open.

So a smaller team will work tomorrow to provide emergency cover to repay the public for their support. Decisions on the future of the stations in Holyhead and Milford Haven should be known by mid July.

Tomorrow Welsh public sector workers will be making their feelings known. It’s set to be a day of widespread disruption with possibly more to follow.



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