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Life as an ITV news trainee

I was 10 when my hunger to become a reporter first kicked in. I produced a daily five-minute bulletin (including weather, of course) that I performed in front of my family.

Away from the newscutter and helping the online team

When the clock struck six, the T.V was switched off and instead, my mum and brothers idly lined up on the sofa to watch me talk into a Barbie hairbrush with updates on the latest playground gossip.

Fast-forward to 2011 and I’m still clutching onto a hairbrush and practicing my ‘reporter voice’ in front of the mirror. But what was once just a childhood dream is now slowly becoming reality.

And I’ve got the ING traineeship to thank for that.

After graduating from Salford University last July with a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, I then went on to complete a NCTJ fast-track diploma at News Associates in Manchester.

But like so many other near-graduates, as my course was drawing to a close, I started to panic.

Yes I had gained lots of work experience in a range of media fields (I was working as a showbiz and entertainment reporter for an online magazine as well as making cups of tea at my local radio station).

But the fear of leaving education to enter the ‘real world’ without a job lined-up was a thought too soul-destroying to muster.

However, despite being afraid that I wasn’t experienced enough or good enough to apply, I finally listened to the advice of a friend and former broadcast journalist, manned-up and filled in the application for the ITV news traineeship.

Turns out, it was the best thing I ever did.

Landing the traineeship has proved to be the perfect way to bridge the gap from university to life on the career ladder.

ITV have taken me back to the basics and taught me all I need to know about how the newsroom runs and what goes in to making the six o’clock programme. I’ve also learned that no question is too stupid (and believe me, I’ve asked my fair share of stupid questions); someone is always more than happy to answer it.

I’m having writing lessons, camera training, editing master-classes and law refreshers from some of the best in the business – all helping me become the budding broadcast journalist I’d dreamt of.

Admittedly, being Manchester born and bred, the idea that I had to move to not only an unfamiliar region but a whole different country was very daunting. But Cardiff is a beautiful city and the team are so welcoming and friendly, it has now become my home.

And if that doesn’t sell it to you, you also get an ITV email address!

Four months in, I’m now working as a Newsroom Journalist where I’m working fairly independently writing and editing stories and being trained to produce the early, lunch and late bulletins.

And that’s only a quarter of the way into the traineeship. Who knows what the next eight months have in store?

All I know is my love for news is growing by the day and if, like me, you’ve always aspired to become the next Julie Etchingham or Bill Neely, well…put down the hairbrush and apply.


About Tamsin Eames

Manchester-born Trainee Journalist for ITV Wales.


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