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Where does the Welsh Government spend your money?

Where do your pounds go? The Welsh Government began to open up data this month on where money is being spent.

See the visualisation of the “vendors” and how much money they were paid by the Welsh Government in April 2011 (click on the image to see an interactive graph):

In April 2011, the Student Loan Company received the most money from the Welsh Government at £162 million.

The seven main health boards in Wales received a total of £519.4 million, with Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board leading the lot at £108 million in April.

This release of data (on 6 July) came just before David Cameron published this letter today “celebrating” the UK Government’s move towards transparency.

The data does not account for every pound spent. Based on guidance from the HM Treasury, the Welsh Government only includes spending of more than £25,000. (The same is true for similar data released by the UK Government.) That means more than £1.6 billion was spent by the Welsh Government during the month of April.

The guidance from HM Treasury does seem to encourage the publication of all spending, setting £25,000 as a minimum:

“You may publish at the lower level of £500, which is the threshold applied to local authorities. If entities are in a position to do so, they may publish all transactions regardless of size. The current minimum requirement of £25,000 for reporting may be changed in the future…”

Expenditures include “all individual invoices, grant payments,
expense payments or other such transactions”.

Play with the data You can see the full set of data released by the Welsh Government here. What do you see within the data?


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