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Sunshine, Motherhood and Apple Pie

Andrew RT Davies began his first full day in office as Leader of the Opposition with a visit to the Sharp factory in Wrexham.

Having narrowly beaten Nick Ramsay, who was portrayed as the ‘modernising’ and Welshifying’ candidate, Mr Davies was determined to get the message out that he knows his way round Wales.

He might live on a farm near Cardiff but he can find his way to a factory in Wrexham.

Better still, there was a touch of which David Cameron in his opposition days would have been proud.

Sharp have recently announced that the factory will double its production of solar panels.

Andrew RT Davies can do modern Conservatism –not just blue but green too. As the new leader of the Welsh Tory AMs put it:

“Green growth is vital for Wales and we need to encourage more companies like this to get involved and play a key part. The Welsh Labour government needs to look hard at its plans for building a green economy … there’s simply too much Labour emphasis on wind energy in Wales. We need promotion of a diverse range of renewables, including solar”.

Next stop was the maternity department at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport for some Cameron-style comments on the NHS:

“For me – it was incredibly important that I saw NHS staff in action again on my first full day as Leader. Health is a number one priority for the Welsh Conservatives.

“I want to make sure staff are properly supported and get a level of backing that is equivalent to the immense amount of effort they put in. Let’s not forget – this is a budget that will lose out to the tune of one billion pounds over the next three years.

“That’s money the health service won’t get. In other words – it’s a cut. It’s a cut by Labour in Wales. And it’s a cut that will threaten frontline services and make the staff’s job harder still”.

A solar panel factory and a maternity department on one day –that’s sunshine and motherhood taken care of. Mr Davies can probably find some apple pie when he visits the Royal Welsh Show next week.



One thought on “Sunshine, Motherhood and Apple Pie

  1. Will the apple pie be accompanied by sour cream I wonder.

    Posted by John Tyler | July 16, 2011, 12:09 pm

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