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Day three at the Royal Welsh

We’ve been at the Royal Welsh Show for three days now but there are still plenty of new people to meet and things to see.

I spent yesterday afternoon wandering around with my cameraman Mark just soaking up lovely pictures for my next report. There’s no shortage which makes the job a lot easier.

Some of the cows at the show getting a hose down

The job’s also been made easier by the improved transport system we’ve seen.

Every year we get to the ground at around 8am each day to avoid the rush but there’s always a bit of a queue. This year it’s been a great and speedy commute.

On site there’s still a lot of treking around on foot. Sometimes I think we should saddle up one of the thousands of horses but they are far too busy competeing for prizes. Maybe I should suggest a gold buggy next year.

I grew up just down the road near Llanidloes so I love reporting on the show because I get to catch up with old friends and neigbours. But even though I’ve been a regular here since I was in short trousers I still love seeing vistors from further afield react with genuine amazement at the scale of the event.

I also like hearing what my non rural colleagues make of it all. It’s not every day they get to see the world of Welsh agriculture close up. They’re used to the car wash. Here we have a cow wash.

Today is usually the most popular of the four days with an expected 60,000 people on site. Many have come to see the cob varieties.We have a great view from our ITV Wales building.

The Main ring at the showground

As you can see the ring is still looking good and green. After the mud bath of last year that new drainage systems has done the trick. Just as well because we have a VIP visit later. The Duke of Kent putting the Royal into the Royal Welsh!

Stay tuned and we’ll have all the latest on air and online.



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