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Your say: The cost of rising energy prices

Photo by Ian Britton (freefotouk on Flickr)

Scottish Power was the first of the big energy providers to raise its prices yesterday. See the full video report.

Here’s what you had to say about the matter:

James Morgan writes on Facebook:

All of them are making obscene profits. The government should act to place a cap on the amount they can charge their customers.

Steven Williams writes on Facebook:

That’s the trouble with energy suppliers. They make ridiculous profits, but they don’t pass this on to the people who pay their wages – us – in the form of savings. All they do is raise prices. Talk about plain greedy. The government has to clamp down on this.

Neil Disson from Cardiff emails:

I can understand an increase but the amount is far too much. It could end up being the breaking point for many families and pensioners on low income who will have no choice but to suffer due to the greed of these companies who are puting profit before everything. A major rethink is in order and Government involvement is required.

Alison Proudmummy writes on Facebook:

I’m a single mother with a one year old son, I will really struggle this winter if it is anything like last winter, and I’m on a pre payment meter! What is this goverment thinking? We pay enough in taxes etc to cover this extra cost! The goverment should be helping us not making it harder to live, and they wounder why so many people are in debt!

Mark O’Neill writes on Facebook:

I’m still paying for the gas that i used over the winter. By the time i’ve paid that off,it will be october or november and no doubt it will be another cold winter.

Sue James-Davies writes on Facebook:

It’s daylight robbery! Very unfair, people like me are struggling to keep their heads above water as it is!

Charles from Tenby emails:

South Wales has the second highest electricity prices in the U.K., M.P.s A.M.s have FAILED to get the region (the old S.W.A.L.E.C region changed ) apparently only Westminster can do this ,but it has not been pushed to do this.

Anthony Hawkins emails:

I am paraplegic and recently applied for a cheaper tariff with SWALEC i was told that the government have stopped the companies offering cheaper deals on electricity and they all have to offer the same deal as a heating assistance rebate.Its discusting that they can increase charges and the Government should take action.

@brIanabdie8 tweets:

i feel these price rises just put more pressure on familys and the elderly.

@kenshaw73 tweets:

gas and electricity should never have been sold off in the first place, buy shares in energy companies, if you want a discount!

What do you think about the rising price of energy? Found any good deals or switched providers?


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2 thoughts on “Your say: The cost of rising energy prices

  1. Alternatively, become a member of a British discount club that looks after it’s customers, doesn’t waste money on advertising, is consistently top of the Which Magazine energy company survey year on year, won’t tie you into fixed term contracts or put new customers on better deals than existing customers and gives you the opportunity to reduce your bills to zero through it’s discount initiatives.

    Posted by Cat | August 2, 2011, 4:32 pm
  2. Im with British Gas,last year in Dec.2010 there was price increase of 7% on both gas and electricity. This time its 18% for gas and 16% for electricity,an increase of more than 100%!Outrageous!This Government should cap all energy suppliers,say 10% maximum.What about all their large profits?No doubt a substantial amount of this will be going to the “fat cats” and rich shareholders/investors.Should never have been privatised!

    Posted by robert mchale | August 2, 2011, 5:33 pm

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